Police Arrest Man for Aggressively Chasing Twitch Streamer JustKeth

A man recently chased twitch streamer JustKeth during Livestream on camera, and the police finally arrested him.

JustKeth is a popular Twitch streamer and YouTuber based in Thailand. She started streaming back in 2018 and has amassed more than 61k followers on the streaming platform. She also has a YouTube channel called JustKeth with 2.1k+ subscribers.

Keth usually streams in the just chatting category on Twitch. She streams IRL for her fans and followers and sometimes plays games. During one of her recent Pool streams, she got chased by a man who found her annoying and confronted her after being rejected. According to reports, the man has been arrested by police.

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Man Arrested by Police for coming after JustKeth:

Keth shared and explained the whole scenario on her Twitter account. She wrote,

“1# I was streaming at the hotel’s pool where only me and the guy were present. He been sitting in the pool and drinking beer. After he asked me to sit next to him and made a sexual gesture (looked at his crotch and nodded) while I was at the opposite side of the pool.

2#I said no. he suddenly came up to me aggressively by clenching his fists and started yelling . He started chasing me, so I ran away and started telling to the hotel staff about it. In the meantime, he came with my stuff I left at the pool and threw them to the ground.

#3 called the police and they ended up fining him ,he claimed not to be able to pay by any means that didn’t require my personal information and claimed that he had no access to cash. So the police took him to the station and will make him spend 1 night in jail and 300 euro fine”

The man was reportedly fined 300 Euros and will spend one day in jail for his behavior.

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