Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: Best Nature for Fidough and Dachsbun

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet also have the nature system of the previous Pokemon games. Here is what nature is best to use on Fidough and Dachsbun.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet introduce us to the 9th generation of Pokemon. With the new generation, we got three new starters and a whole new region to play with. However, not everything in the game is new. There are many options and features that have made their way to this game. Nature is one of them.

There are a few kinds of nature you can find in the game. Among all the types of nature, five don’t add to the gameplay. All the other natures add a 10% bonus to one stat while taking away 10% from another stat. So you need to choose nature carefully to make the best out of the stat change.

Fidough and Dachsbun are two Pokemons you can find in the wild pretty often. If you want to incorporate them into your team, you will need to know what nature is best. That way, you will get the maximum effectiveness out of your Pokemon.

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Best Nature For Fidough and Dachsbun

Fidough and Dachsbun can be used in two different ways. It already has a good defense, so that it can be used with high defense, or you can use them as an attacker. These Pokemon have a terrible special attack. So any nature that decreases special attack will not attack them much. Thus the best nature for Fidough and Dachsbun is Impish, Jolly, or Adamant.

If you are building an attacker, Fidough and Dachsbun, then Adamant will be the best nature for you. It decreases the sp. attack but increases the attack. And if you have a defensive Fidough and Dachsbun, go with either Impish or Jolly. Jolly will increase the speed at the cost of the sp. attack. As for the Impish, it increases defense and lowers the sp. attack.

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