Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Miraidon and Koraidon Skills

In Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, as you play through the game, you can unlock new abilities for Miraidon or Koraidon. Here is how you can unlock all the skills available for them in the game.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is the newest pokemon game on the market. Unlike the previous game Arceus, this game goes back to the original formula of pokemon. This game has an open world and a few storylines to go with it. The game also introduces us to the 9th gen of pokemon.

Like all other generations of pokemon, this generation also comes with some new legendary pokemon. Among them are Miraidon and Koraidon. Depending on the version of the game, you will get one of them at the start of the game. They function as your mount throughout the game.

Miraidon and Koraidon start off like a motorcycle that can travel on land. But that is not the only thing they can do. You can unlock new skills to have them do different things too. Here are all the abilities for Miraidon and Koraidon and how to unlock them in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

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How to Unlock Miraidon and Koraidon All Skills

Miraidon and Koraidon skills are unlocked by completing the Path of Legends questline. During this quest, you will have to hunt down and defeat five different Titan Pokemon across the Paldea Region. Each of the titans will give you a new ability for your Miraidon or Koraidon. If you want to know more about how to defeat each pokemon and in which order to do so, check out our guide on the best order for Titan Battle.

That being said, here is a list of all the skills you can teach to your Miraidon or Koraidon and which titan pokemon you need to defeat to get them:

SkillTitan Need Defeating
DashStony Cliff Titan
SwimmingOpen Sky Titan
High JumpLurking Steel Titan
GlidingQuaking Earth Titan
ClimbingFalse Dragon Titan
Skills to Unlock for Miraidon and Koraidon
  • Dash: Holding down the left stick will make your pokemon run faster. Using the dash almost doubles your previous speed.
  • Swimming: It is what the name suggests. Miraidon and Koraidon cannot go into the water when you first get them. After unlocking Swimming, they can easily go and walk through water and can even jump while in the water.
  • High Jump: Miraidon and Koraidon can jump from the start upon pressing the B button. But after getting the High Jump, you can press and hold the B button for a bigger jump.
  • Gliding: Gliding is a very useful ability. After jumping off a high area, you can press B to initiate gliding mode, which will let you move horizontally through the air.
  • Climbing: Climbing lets you scale up mountains and other vertical walls or cliffs using your Miraidon and Koraidon. While pressed against the wall, press B to stick into the wall and climb it. You can even start climbing when you are in the water.

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