Pokemon Legends: Arceus – How to Check Friendship Levels of Pokemon

Friendship Levels can be the key to evolving some Pokemons.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus has brought in a different way to enjoy a Pokemon game. With new battle styles and a brand new way to catch Pokemon, it also has a friendship level on each Pokemon. However, gamers need to complete quite a few missions and make decent progress in the Pokemon Legends: Arceus storyline before unlocking Friendship Checker in the game. So below, we have created a complete guide on unlocking the friendship checker in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

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How To Unlock The Friendship Checker

Storyline missions are distinct from Requests and advance the plot of the game. Gamers need to start Mission 8 and find Bellamy near the Pastures in the southeastern Jubilife Village.

Complete Bellamy’s Request

If you communicate with him, Bellamy will give you Request 28 (Measuring Your Compatibility). Furthermore, you can ace this quest by demonstrating a Pokemon with high friendship to him, and you will unlock the Friendship Checker as a reward.

How to Check Friendship Levels

Unlike in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond as Shinning Pearl, you cannot check the friendship between you and your Pokemon anytime you want. You will have to go talk with Bellamy to check the friendship level with your Pokemon.

Gamers can select one Pokemon in either their party or in one of the Pasture boxes for evaluation. Bellamy will first provide details regarding the Pokemon’s feelings towards the trainer. Players can then figure out if they need to give more attention to the Pokemon before evolving it into a more powerful Pokemon.

Pokemon’s friendship level can improve by leveling it up in Pokemon battles and feeding Rare Candy. More time spent with the Pokemon improves its friendship levels, while regular fainting in Pokebattles decreases friendship levels.

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