Players want customizable utility binds for each individual agent in VALORANT

Individual key bind for each agent makes so much sense

In VALORANT each agent has four unique utilities including their ultimate for a total of 44 different utilities.

Furthermore, there are passive abilities for agents like Jett and Pheonix. Since all of these agents have the same key binding for all of their four different abilities, it becomes really difficult for players who play with multiple different agents to customize their utility bindings without messing up the key binding for another agent.

VALORANT  agents
Image via Riot Games

As of now, there is no option in the game’s settings menu to customize utility bind based on each individual agent separately. Consequently, players who play more than one agent have to deal with weird utility binding for some agents.

Why players want individual binds for agents?

By default, each key bind is the same for all eleven agents that are available for now. And some of these key binds are not intuitive when you are using multiple different agents. A good example of that would be whenever you are playing agents like Jett her smokes are bound to “C”, whereas if you play Phoenix that same key binds will just make a wall of flame.

VALORANT key bind settings page
Image via Riot Games

The same key bind that allows one agent to throw smokes will allow other agents to use something totally different like a flash/stun. And some of them are not intuitive at all. That is why players are asking Riot to add a feature in the settings menu that would allow users to customize unique key binds based on each individual agent.

While it sounds like a pet peeve for some players, this subtle change in the settings menu would make life easier for players who prefer to play with multiple different agents at the same time.


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