Persona 3 Portable: All Social Stats and How To Raise Them

Mahirul Alam Chowdhury
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credit: Atlus

Learn how to raise various social stats in Persona 3 Portable that reflect your personality as you interact with the game’s world.

Persona 3 Portable is a role-playing game that immerses players in a world of high school drama and supernatural battles, where you fight using characters of mythologies and tales. This classic game has gained newfound popularity and love with its release on modern platforms such as Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles.

The Persona game sets itself apart from other JRPGs by having a sort of dual gameplay mechanics. One is the classic dungeon crawling to fight enemies and make yourself stronger. The other is navigating through your high school and social life. Hence, the Persona series, along with Persona 3, has a lot of unique elements, one of which is the Social Stat System.

The Social Stat dictates how well your character interacts and bonds with people and different situations, such as using the right words, watching movies, eating, and working jobs. These represent personality traits of your character. Furthermore, the game also uses a calendar system to give you free time to roam around, explore and interact with the world.

Some of these raise your Social Stats. But time is limited, and you may miss out on increasing these stats to their fullest. Additionally, raising stats to a specific level opens up new Social Links.

Hence, this guide walks you through everything you need to know about Social Stats in Persona 3 Portable and how you can raise them.

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Social Stats in Persona 3 Portable

Persona 3 Portable Social Stats
credit: Atlus

If you play Persona 4 and 5 first, you’ll notice that Persona 3 Portable has only 3 Social Stats, Academics, Charm, and Courage. Moreover, you’ll have to juggle raising Social Stats and raising Social Links with your friends as you have a fixed amount of free time. Each Social Stat has six levels. They level up after you collect their required points.

Therefore you must learn to manage between raising these two attributes. The game makes it easier as there are a couple of activities to increase Social Stats that do not consume time. You’ll learn all about them soon.

The best way to raise stats is through playing games at the Arcade or by taking part in part-time jobs. Although both will consume time, Arcade requires money, but the output is generally better. Meanwhile, part-time jobs earn money and can raise multiple stats.

You can also focus on raising Social Stats during nighttime while raising Social Links and Confidant levels during the day, but it all depends on your preferences.


Persona 3 Portable how to raise Social Stats
credit: Atlus

The first social Stat in Persona 3 Portable is Academics. This Stat represents your character’s knowledge and intelligence and plays a crucial role in your character’s success in school. To increase your Academics Stat, you’ll need to study.

Spending time in the school library or using the study guide at home is an effective way to boost your Academics Stat. Additionally, participating in club activities and working part-time jobs can also contribute to increasing your Academics. High Academics ensure you do well in exams.

Ranks for Academics Social Stats in Persona 3 Portable:

  • Rank 1: Slacker
  • Rank 2: Average (20 points)
  • Rank 3: Above Average (55 points)
  • Rank 4: Smart (100 points)
  • Rank 5: Intelligent (155 points)
  • Rank Max: Genius (230 points)

Actions that increase Academics:

  • Studying: The basic way of increasing Academics is by studying. You can study in your room during the evening to receive two points for Academics, sometimes boosted to four. In the daytime, you can study in the library to receive four points. On Sunday, studying offers four points or even sometimes six points if the game system feels generous that day. But studying takes up free time and so do all high-yielding activities.
  • Performing in class: At class time, you have the option to doze off or pay attention. Choose the latter. Furthermore, pay attention to lectures and answer all the questions correctly.
  • Watching Movies: Watch movies on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday to raise Academics Social Stat in Persona 3 Portable. You can attend the Film Festival during the Summer break for large bonuses.
  • Play Quiz Game at the Arcade: Paulownia Mall’s Game Panic Arcade lets you play a quiz for 1500 Yen and is available only on Wednesdays and Saturdays. This is a good way to increase Academics, but it costs some money.
  • Take up part-time jobs in Be Blue V or Screenshot: Working at Be Blue V pays you 4500 Yen in addition to increasing Academics and Charm. While working at Screenshot pays you 5000 Yen and raises both Academics and Courage.
  • Eat at Wakatsu: Wakatsu, where you can eat sushi and bring your friends for Social Links, is located at Iwatodai Station.
  • Bebe – Rank 2
  • Akinari Kamiki – Rank 4
  • Mitsuru Kirijo – Rank Max


Persona 3 Portable how to raise Social Stats
credit: Atlus

The second social Stat is Charm. Charm represents your character’s social skills and ability to make friends, and how influential or attractive you are. To increase your Charm stat, you’ll need to interact with other characters in the game, such as your classmates and teachers.

Giving gifts to other characters and participating in club activities are also great ways to boost your Charm stat. Charm unlocks unique and better dialogue choices or options that help out in the story. Additionally, the high charm also lets you easily create relationships.

Ranks for Charm Social Stats in Persona 3 Portable:

  • Rank 1: Plain
  • Rank 2: Unpolished/Ingenue (15 points)
  • Rank 3: Confident/Unique (30 points)
  • Rank 4: Smooth/Queen Bee (45 points)
  • Rank 5: Popular/Angelic (70 points)
  • Rank Max: Charismatic/Bewitching (100 points)

Actions that increase Charm:

  • Drinking Pheromone Coffee: You can find this special coffee at Chagall Cafe for 500 Yen.
  • Working at Chagall Cafe or Be Blue V: Working at Be Blue V increases both Academics and Charm while working at Chagall Cafe increases Courage and Academics while paying 3500 Yen.
  • Using the Print Club in the Arcade: Playing in the Print Club photo booth at Game Panic significantly raises Charm.
  • Watching Movies: Watching movies on Wednesday or Thursday( to watch romantic movies) greatly increases Charm. Furthermore, visiting the Film Festival during Summer will boost this as well.
  • Ranking Top of Your Class: Ranking top of your classes also increases your Charm, but you’d also need high Academics and choose the correct answer during exams.
  • Eat at Hagakure: Eat the Tuna Ramen here to increase your Charm.

For Male:

  • Nozomi – Rank 2
  • Tanaka – Rank 4
  • Yukari – Rank Max

For Female:

  • Tanaka – Rank 2
  • Akihiko – Rank 4


credit: Atlus

The third and the easiest to grind among all the Social Stats in Persona 3 Portable is Courage. Courage represents your character’s bravery and ability to stand up for themselves. Like Charm, it also unlocks unique dialogue options and choices that reflect your bravery.

To increase your Courage stat, you’ll need to take on challenging tasks and overcome obstacles. Talking to other characters and expressing your opinions no matter how conflicting they may seem are also ways to boost your Courage stat.

Ranks for Courage Social Stats in Persona 3 Portable:

  • Rank 1: Timid
  • Rank 2: Ordinary (15 points)
  • Rank 3: Determined (30 points)
  • Rank 4: Tough (45 points)
  • Rank 5: Fearless (60 points)
  • Rank Max: Badass (80 points)

Actions that increase Courage:

  • Eating the Mystery Burger: Eat the Mystery Burger at the Wild Duck restaurant, located in Iwatodai Strip Mall. It dramatically increases Courage.
  • Watching Movies: Watch movies Mondays or Tuesdays (Heroic or Horror) to raise Courage. Visiting the Film Festival during Summer break increases Courage.
  • Singing Karaoke: Sing your hearts out at the karaoke bar in Paulownia Mall to raise Courage.
  • Drink Shady Medicines: Take the weird medicines in the School Infirmary to gain Courage.
  • Playing at Horror House in the Arcade: Game Panic Arcade’s Horror House is an excellent way to grind for Courage points, but it costs decent money, 3000 Yen.
  • Working at Chagall Cafe or Screen Shot: Working part-time at Chagall Cafe raises your Courage and Charm and also pays you 3500 Yen. Working at Screenshot increases Academics and Courage and pays you a handsome amount of 5000 Yen.

For Male:

  • Mutatusu – Rank 2
  • Mamoru – Rank 4
  • Fuuka – Rank Max

For Female:

  • Fuuka – Rank 2
  • Mutatsu – Rank 4
  • Ken – Rank Max

These are all the Social Stats in Persona 3 Portable. Initially, it may seem overwhelming to balance and raise all the Social Stats while grinding for elements such as Social Links. But as you progress, you’ll find different ways and methods that help you efficiently strategize your gameplay and raise every attribute to its maximum.

In fact, sometimes, the game grants you points on different occasions. The game’s best and most fun parts lie in exploring these social gameplay mechanics.

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