Perkz officially joins C9 and Alphari signs with TL

Perkz left G2 on November 17th and was rumored to join C9.Meanwhile, Alphari has been linked with TL since the start of the offseason

Perkz and Alphari are officially in the LCS. In years past, they have been the two of the best players in their roles. Perkz has had a lot of domestic and international success. On the other hand, Alphari has proven time and time again why he was such a good top laner.

The Signings

Perkz has been rumored to join C9 when it was reported that Perkz wants to play mid lane. A lot of teams were in the running for Perkz. Ultimately C9 made the best offer for a buyout to G2 and Perkz was traded there. Perkz makes C9 a juggernaut in the LCS and there is a lot to like with this move in the LCS’s perspective. He joins his former teammate Sven in C9 to make some noise in the international stage.

Subsequently, Alphari joins Team Liquid in a big move to the LCS. This bolsters a Team Liquid team that showed real promise last year and competed in Worlds 2020 to get out of groups.

The addition of Alphari and Santorin will improve Team Liquids success in the LCS. They do have fierce competition in C9 and that will be a matchup to watch in the coming year. The official announcement for Alphari’s signing can be found in this post.

Perkz already made a response to the signing of Alphari. Also, Alphari also had a response for the signing for Perkz.

LCS is becoming a stronger region with more imports coming in. However, whether that translates into success or not is yet to be seen. Another great year in League of Legends is coming on 2021.


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