Pentiment, Hi-Fi Rush, Sea of Thieves and Grounded Are Coming To PlayStation and Switch

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Microsoft announced multiplatform releases for four first-party Xbox titles earlier today.

Earlier today, Microsoft confirmed Hi-Fi Rush, Sea of Thieves, Pentiment, and Grounded are coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch. In addition, Grounded and Pentiment will be the first Xbox-exclusive titles to be launched on the Nintendo Switch.

In Microsoft’s Xbox business update event podcast, Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s head of gaming, said that the company has decided to release four first-party Xbox titles to multiple platforms. The company has revealed which four titles will be released on Switch and PlayStation consoles on the Xbox website.

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Four Xbox Titles Getting Multiplatform Releases

Pentiment and Hi-Fi Rush will be released on February 22, 2024, and Grounded will launch on April 16. Sea of Thieves will launch on April 30, 2024, with cross-play support for Xbox, PlayStation and PC. Only Pentiment and Grounded will be released from the four titles on Nintendo Switch. Nintendo announced that both games are coming to Switch in the latest Nintendo Direct program.

Hi-Fi Rush | Credit: Tango Gameworks
Hi-Fi Rush | Credit: Tango Gameworks

Hi-Fi Rush and Sea of Thieves will be only released for the PlayStation 5, and both titles are currently available for pre-purchase on the PlayStation Store. Furthermore, Limited Run Games, a video game distributor based in North Carolina, USA, has announced plans for a physical PlayStation 5, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch release for Pentiment. According to the distributor, Hi-Fi Rush will also get a physical release for PlayStation 5 and Xbox.

Sea of Thieves | Credit: Microsoft Studios
Sea of Thieves | Credit: Microsoft Studios

Microsoft addressed rumors that the company has been looking into the possibility of releasing its games on PlayStation and Switch in an Xbox business update last Thursday. Phil Spencer, Sarah Bond, and Matt Booty, three leaders of Microsoft’s gaming division, came to the event podcast and announced that the company is expanding its business and will release first-party Xbox titles on multiple platforms.

On the podcast, Spencer said that Xbox will release four titles on rival platforms and plans to release more once the games get positive responses on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch.

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