Pentiment: All Achievements

Learn how to unlock all the achievements in this unique Xbox game, Pentiment.

Among all the hype of recent AAA games, i.e. God of War: Ragnarok and other smash hits, Xbox’s newest game Pentiment has gone under the radar. Pentiment is a very unique narrative adventure game about various murder mysteries.

You play as a travelling artist in a medieval world who is tasked with investigating multiple murders and finding out the culprit. Moreover, the best part is that the game never reveals who the real culprit is; it all depends on your judgement based on your interaction with the game world and other characters.

But it’s not all easy. You have to be intelligent and aware of each character and manage time wisely, as there’s an element of time progression in the game. The art of finding the right people, persuading them to reveal critical information, and using this knowledge to go after the fitting suspect within the given time makes the Pentiment exciting.

Apart from the thrilling gameplay, Pentiment also excels in its story-telling, game world, and one-of-a-kind art style. The world of Pentiment has lighthearted moments, but the game also tells the story of grief, heartbreak, and morality that frequently occurred during the Middle Age’s political, social, and religious changes. The world evolves with your choices, and hence you sometimes have to make tough choices.

Pentiment plays through a beautiful medieval renaissance tapestry with speech and music that perfectly reflects the enlightenment era. Furthermore, any history buff will instantly fall in love with the game’s accuracy in depicting the medieval world through all aspects.

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Pentiment: All Xbox Achievements

Pentiment All Achievements
credits: Obsidian Entertainment

In addition to the great gameplay, Pentiment also offers a lot of achievements to unlock. A few of them come easy, but you must play in depth and with a curious mind to unlock many of them. In fact, many of them require multiple playthroughs.

But you have nothing to lose as Pentiment is another masterclass from Obsidian and is also available from Game Pass. Don’t sleep on it. You get to unlock a ton of achievements and gamerscores and also experience one of the best games of this year through Pentiment.

Pentiment has 41 Achievements to unlock, totalling 1000G of Gamerscore.

Achievement NameHow To UnlockGamerscore
Smell the RosesExamine 10 flowers.15G
Nosy FellaHeadbutt Werner.15G
Kiss ZdenaSeduce Zdena.20G
Quick FingersSpin wool as fast as the ladies.20G
Good GracesEnd Act I in the abbot’s favor.20G
Empty-headedHave your hat stolen.15G
Andreas Non GrataEnd Act I out of the abbot’s favor.20G
The Root of the ProblemGet Wojslav to let you into the cellar.20G
Grave MattersConvince Gernot to let you dig up the grave.20G
Hot GossTell Jacob Estler immaterial gossip.15G
Legal EagleConvince Jacob Estler to save Ottilia’s home.20G
Simple SoulConvince Illuminata to give you the French book.20G
Like a Record BabySolve Ferenc’s cipher with the volvelle.15G
The BaronFinished Act 1100G
Should Have Seen the Other GuyGet knocked out.15G
High RollerWin everyone’s money at Lansquenet.20G
Down to the Last PfennigLose everything at Lansquenet.20G
MatchmakerConvince Endris to find his sweetheart.20G
Room ServiceComplain to Niko about your room.15G
Among UsDiscover the imposter15G
The Cornish PatientGet Aedoc his medicine15G
The Penitent ManDo your penance.15G
The Deer HunterShoot the deer.15G
The Hand of MercyRefuse to shoot at the deer.15G
Vis MajorFinish Act 2.100G
Cookie MasterCut enough cookies for everyone at the Christmas feast.15G
Look Before you ClimbGet assistance climbing down the mine shaft.15G
The Second PlagueLearn about Artemis and Apollo’s frog plan.15G
The EmbezzlerGet Guy killed25G
A Fateful SausageLearn the mystery of the cats.15G
The PriorGet Ferenc executed25G
The ImposterGet Martin killed25G
Manu PropriaFinished Act 3100G
Cryptic SolutionsFind the secret door to library.15G
Good InfluenceEncourage Paul to draw.20G
The StonemasonGet Lucky executed25G
A Regular Saint FrancisPet 5 animals.15G
The NunGet Matilda executed25G
Art of PersuasionPass 5 dialogue checks.15G
The WidowGet Ottilia executed25G
The AdulteressGet Hanna killed25G
Pentiment: All Xbox Achievements

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