PENTAKILL set to perform at Mid-Season Showdown 2021 Opening Ceremonies

The announcement came in today that Riot’s virtual heavy metal band, PENTAKILL, will perform at the opening ceremonies of the Mid-Season Showdown 2021

PENTAKILL has been inactive for the past 3 years with K/DA being at the forefront of Riot’s musical endeavors. Earlier today, it was announced that PENTAKILL is set to make its return onto the stage. The last time Pentakill made its appearance was during 2017, when they released their very popular album “II: Grasp of the Undying”.

PENTAKILL will be partnering with Jackson® for this live performance. Jackson® will also be the guitar sponsor for the LCS going forward according to the announcement. Nevertheless, PENTAKILL will be performing at the Los Angeles Greek Theatre on April 11th at 1 pm Pacific Time. Also, they will be unveiling a sneak peek for a new song that will be released later this year along with some other surprises.

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While PENTAKILL, along with their lead vocal Jørn Lande, will perform live on stage, there will be no fans in attendance due to the Covid-19 restrictions. Only required staff and the band will be there for this performance.

To catch the live performance, tune into the LCS broadcast as Countdown starts at 12 pm PT followed by the live performance at 1 pm PT.

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