Patch 10.14 featuring buffs to Ghost and Predator

Good news for speedy champion mains, Ghost and Predator are getting some noticeable buff in patch 10.14.

Ghost is definitely an underwhelming Summoner Spell compared to Flash, Teleport, and Ignite. And it is also only being picked by some selected few champions who need some boost in their movement speed to charge up into their enemies, Hecarim for example.

On patch 10.12, Ghost received some significant buff where they removed it’s movement speed ramp up, increased the duration, and lowered the cooldown. Even Riot Scruffy said on patch 10.12 dev post, “Ghost overall seems like a weak summoner”. But apparently, even with the buff on patch 10.12, it didn’t get much attention from players.

Just like Ghost, Predator also received some major changes on patch 10.12 where they removed it’s long channel time and gave it a lower cooldown while reducing the damage. But unfortunately, it is also having the same fate as Ghost.

But now, League of Legends’ lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter revealed the patch 10.14 where they are again buffing the speedy duo.

Ghost Buff Patch 10.14

  • Movement Speed: 20-40% >>> 24-48%

This extra 4% increased movement speed might come in handy in the early games. But it is still uncertain whether it will be able to replace other strong Summoner Spells or not.

Predator Buff Patch 10.14

  • Damage: 30-90 >>> 40-120
  • Cooldown: 100-70 >>> 90-60

In patch 10.14, they are giving back Predator’s damage that was taken away on patch 10.12 changes. They are also reducing the cooldown by 10s on every level which will be beneficial as well. Predator was a viable rune in the past and many Pro even used it on some specific champions. And with the upcoming buff on patch 10.14, it may come back into the meta once again.


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