Palworld Promotes Animal Cruelty? Some Players Raise Concerns

Mehraj Mahdin
By Mehraj Mahdin
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Palworld Promotes Animal Cruelty? Some Players Raise Concerns

Some users raise concerning views but does the community agree?

Pocketpair has shocked the gaming world with the release of Palworld. The game is very basic and easy to understand. The world is inhabited by ‘Pals’. Use your pals to fight, build, and create in this vast world. The game has shot up the charts in its first few days of release, going up to 2 million concurrent players on Steam.

The game is what players wished Nintendo would do with Pokemon. There are a lot of similarities, and the game is in the heart of gamers who grew up watching and playing Pokemon. As with all fighting games involving creatures, there are divides in the player base, however small. It is the same case with Palworld, with some players questioning Animal Cruelty!

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Does Palworld Actually Promote Animal Cruelty?

The idea seems bizarre to a lot of players coming from different game genres. Over on the Steam community threads, a discussion gained traction where a user questioned the role of the pals you use in your survival game.

Does Palworld Promote Animal Cruelty?

The notion of the post does indicate it is some sort of a rage or bait post. Users on the thread have considered it the same. Replies under OP are people disputing the fact that, at the end of the day, it is a game. Palword has taken large inspiration from Pokemon, a game where you use your Pokemon to battle and win gym badges.

Does Palworld Promote Animal Cruelty?
Users question the sentiment of the post

Games like Minecraft have been around for nearly a decade. Survival games like ARK and Terraria and any other survival game, old or new, have had the mechanics of using in-game animals and creatures for your own benefit. It’s hardly a new concept. Rather, Palworld is a softer touch on this concept, similar to Nintendo’s hit IP.

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