How To Fly Across The World of Palworld

Arnan Bonny
By Arnan Bonny
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Here is all the help you need if you want to know how to fly in Palworld.

Palworld is a new survival adventure game developed by Pocket Pair where you catch, befriend, work with, and fight against these mysterious creatures called Pals.

The game seamlessly integrates various elements of battle, monster-capturing, building, crafting, and training in a way that really makes the game something unique as a whole.

With currently over 100 unique pals each with their own special abilities living in the huge world of Palworld, you’ll likely to put a lot of hours in if you wanna catch them all! You will have to craft, fight, capture, build, collect, and fight throughout your epic adventure in the world of Pals as you encounter larger and larger challenges.

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That said, formidable boss pals pose a decent challenge even against the most experienced Pal tamers. But it also comes with the thrill of capturing and taming it.

Since the world of Palworld is huge, getting from one point to another is a legitimate concern. Having a paraglider is neat and all, but it does not always work in all situations because of the obvious limitations. So, is there any quick way to explore in Palworld? Thankfully, yes.

How To Fly in Palworld

Palworld is filled to the brim with Pals of various abilities. Fortunately, some Pals can fly. So the idea is rather simple: you only need to take down and capture a flying pal to use the Pal as your flying mount. But let’s get down to the specifics.

Where to Find a Flying Pal

The first flying pal you’re most likely to encounter are Nitewings. Nitewings are big, eagle-like pals that you’ll mostly see around Fort Ruin waypoints. Additionally, you’re also likely to encounter them around the Grassy Behemoth Hills as well.

Where to find Nitewing in Palworld

A word of caution though, most Nitewings you’ll encounter are between level 9 and 11 so make sure you’re well equipped to take down a Pal of that level and have a good enough roster of Pals.

Crafting a Saddle For Your Flying Mount

You can’t actually start flying once you capture yourself a Flying Pal because you need to craft a saddle for that specific Pal you captured. The problem here is, that if you want to make a saddle for Nitewing, you need to unlock the blueprint for it.

How to Make a Saddle in Palworld

The blueprint for the Nitewing saddle is unlocked in the tech tree once you reach Level 15. Make sure you have all the items required to craft the saddle and then go to your Pal Gear Workbench. You’ll then be able to craft the saddle which will be immediately equipped to the suitable Pal.

Controlling Your Flying Mount

The controls are fairly simple for any flying mount. Furthermore, the controls will be laid out in the bottom center of your screen. Do make sure that you have an eye on the Pal’s stamina bar.

How to Fly in Palworld

As depleting it completely while you’re in midair will cause both you and your Pal to fall. Luckily, none of you will take fall damage because of it.

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