Overwatch 2: How to Fix “Sorry, we were unable to log you in” Error

Are you getting the “Sorry, we were unable to log you in” Error in Overwatch 2? Don’t worry! This article will discuss why this happens and how you can fix it.

Overwatch 2 is one of the most awaited titles in 2022. After phases of beta testing, the game has finally been released. Unlike its predecessor, Blizzard has made Overwatch 2 a free-to-play title. As a result, hundreds of thousands of players overloaded the servers within a short time.

However, as Blizzard expected, things aren’t going so smoothly. The long queuing of players and continuous DDoS attacks have made the game already an unenjoyable experience to many. Additionally, players are constantly getting a “Sorry, we were unable to log you in” error after hours of waiting.

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Why Does the “Sorry, we were unable to log you in” Error Occur?

Currently, the Overwatch 2 servers are overloaded with players, and the servers are way out of their capacity. As a result, thousands of players are waiting in the queue. On the other hand, there have been known DDoS attacks from third parties.

 “Sorry, we were unable to log you in”
Credit: Blizzard

Because of all these reasons, your client is having trouble communicating with the Overwatch 2 servers, and it is eventually logging you out of the game. Additionally, your selected Region in the Blizzard client could also be why the “Sorry, we were unable to log you in” error might be occurring.

Fix “Sorry, we were unable to log you in” (A Complete Step-by-step Guide)

Although Blizzard hasn’t given any official reason for the login issues, it is pretty safe to assume that they are mostly server-sided. However, there are certain workarounds you may try to solve the “Sorry, we were unable to log you in” error temporarily.

Here’s a complete step-by-step guide:

  • Go to your Blizzard client> Overwatch 2 and change Region to the Region you are located.
Change Region Overwatch 2
Credit: Blizzard
  • Click on the Options icon beside the play button, and click on Scan and Repair.
Scan and Repair Overwatch 2
Credit: Blizzard
  • Restart your PC and Blizzard client.
  • Play the game.

There you go! This should be enough to temporarily fix your issues with the “Sorry, we were unable to log you in” error. However, keep in mind that even after following these steps, the game might not work because the problem mainly lies within the Overwatch 2 servers. So, if your game still faces problems logging into the game, create a support ticket from battle.net support system.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to Overwatch 2 support
  • Select the Technical option.
  • Click on the Contact Support button.
  • Include a description of your issue.
  • Select I still need help.
  • Select Technical > Your platform > Can’t connect > Contact Us.
  • Log in to your Battle.net account to submit a web ticket.

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As mentioned earlier, Overwatch 2 is currently facing many server-side issues. Countless players are grumbling as they remain unable to play the game. Hopefully, Blizzard will release a permanent fix for the server-related issues so players can start enjoying the game as soon as possible.

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