One For All is coming back to League of Legends on patch 10.6

One of most loved game modes by League of Legends fans, One For All is coming back into the reft on patch 10.6.

League of Legends confirmed on their official Twitter account that, One For All will be back in patch 10.6 and it is currently on PBE. It will hit live servers on March 18 alongside the patch 10.6.

One For All is a limited-time game mode where players go against each other in a 5v5 match in a map similar to classic mode. But the only difference is that all the players of one team have to play the same champion. The game mode has 6 ban system where each team has 3 bans. Players can pick any champion they want to play and if all the players or majority (3 votes) pick the same champion, that champion is determined for the team. And all the players on that team have to play it.

One For All last appeared in League of Legends during April Fools 2018. Since then eight new champions have released and six champions got their rework.

One For All is a mode to try out a lot of interesting matchups. For example, 5 Yummi vs 5 Yummi, 5 Sett vs 5 Mordekaiser and many other matchups you can imagine of.

There will be a pre-champion balance like ARAM and URF. About the game pacing Riot doesn’t want games to be trapped and they are changing gold and experience of towers and Baron.

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