OMG On The Verge Of Making Playoffs After 4 Years

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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Oh My God (OMG) is on the verge of making the playoffs after four years. Hence, we talk about their strengths and if they can hold on to their playoff spot.

OMG has been the surprise team of this split in the LPL. With some changes to the roster, they have come out of nowhere to make themselves a playoff team. Let’s talk about OMG in more detail and if they are a lock to make the playoffs.

OMG This Split

OMG this split has been a fun team to watch. Their success starts with the introduction of Creme to the roster. Creme has been the centerpiece of their team since he joined and their main carry threat. His Sylas and Akali have been extremely successful in getting kills and winning team fights. OMG paired a carry mid laner with a facilitating jungler in Aki, A weak side top laner in New, and a stable bot lane in Able and Cold. Their game plan for most games is to be even or ahead in lanes and then translate that to team fights. It has been a formula that works for them.

Furthermore, they are not afraid of being proactive. They will take advantage of opponent mistakes and have a very good idea of how to team fight. Their drafting is also fairly solid in their games. However, with all of those advantages come a few disadvantages. If at any point Creme falls behind in games, OMG struggles to win. Additionally, New can have a hard time in the lane and that is one area teams like RNG, etc can focus on given those teams win through top lane.

Creme has been very good, but his champion pool is still fairly small. OMG seems to default to Akali for him even though Akali is not in meta due to the changes. With all of that said, OMG is still in a prime position to secure a playoff spot through their merits.

Can OMG Secure A Playoff Spot?

OMG is currently 8-6 in the split and 9 wins will secure it at this point. They have just two series remaining against LGD and TES. LGD will come with a must-win mentality as it’s a do-or-die scenario for them. TES will also need wins to get as high of a seed as possible. In OMG’s case, all they have to do is win one game (preferably against LGD) to secure a playoff spot.

If they win against LGD, they will stop one competitor from getting a playoff spot and secure the spot that way. Also, they can then play against TES for a potential 10th win. 10 wins can secure them a top 6 spot in some scenarios so OMG looks to be in a good position to make the playoffs.

In Conclusion

OMG has played fairly well this split and they look like a solid mid-table team at the moment. They are in a prime position to secure a playoff spot this week when playing against LGD. It is nice to see this team make the playoffs and we hope they will be a fun team to watch in the playoffs. OMG plays against LGD on Sunday so be sure not to miss that.

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