Nuguri Returns to DWG KIA

With an anticlimactic end to DWG KIA’s split, Nuguri is back with the team to potentially put them back at the top.

Nuguri is back with the team he made a name as one of the best top laners currently. His disappointing year with FPX along with other circumstances led him to take a sabbatical for a split or so. However, his eagerness to play with the team remained and thus he is back with the team.

There is not much to say about the news other than the fact that we knew this was coming for a while now. With Nuguri coming back, the expectations are higher for DWG KIA going forward but it is still a tall order considering T1 and Gen.G are still top teams. Nuguri himself wants to temper those expectations and he wants to come back stronger after the last months of disappointment.

He is clearly coming back to a safe and comfortable environment with people he has played with for a long time. However, DWG KIA is not the same as when he left with a change in personnel and shotcalling. It will be interesting to see LCK Summer 2022 and whether DWG KIA can be the best team in the region. They certainly have a lot of competition to do that.

The next LCK split is gearing up to be an excellent split with T1 being great, Gen.G taking the next step, and now, DWG KIA improving their squad to ascend to the top. We are in for a treat in a few months when LCK Summer 2022 starts.

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