League of Legends Upcoming Tank Top Lane Champion: Everything We Know So Far

Riot’s April 2022 Champion Roadmap shed some light on upcoming champions and reworks. There was also a sneak peek about a top lane champion.

Riot just released their Champion Roadmap featuring void jungler Bel’veth, the new Bilgewater ADC, Udyr, Aurelion Sol, and Skarner rework information, and also teased a new tank top lane champion. Though we knew about the Void Jungler and a non-traditional bot lane champion before, this champion roadmap added some more information about them.

Also, all the reworks seem exciting. Udyr always had a dedicated fan base, but ASol and Skarner can hardly be seen on the Rift anymore. So League players will be looking forward to the reworks, especially those who main said champions.

But you are here about the next top lane champion. It has been a while since Riot released a true tank champion. Rell is tanky, but she is mainly a support. The last true tank solo laner was released five years ago, and that was Ornn. So it is natural for top laners to get excited about it.

New Tank Top Laner

Riot referred to the champion as “the Pride of Nazumah.” And the champion will be from Nazumah, a brand new region of Shurima that we didn’t see before. There is also an artwork of a ‘settlement’ beside a waterfall. The designs and bright colors make everything look similar to Shurima.

Nazumah, Image Via Riot Games

Knowing Riot, this artwork can easily have small details or hints about the new champion.

The Pride of Nazumah’s Kit

As the champion was just announced at the end of the Champion Roadmap in two lines, there isn’t any detail about their kit. The only thing we know is that the new tank top laner will be a ‘high skill champion.’ This means they will have a higher skill ceiling, which is rare to see on a tank.

Release Date

If we had to guess, the champion would probably be released at the beginning of 2023. Or it could even be later this year. Nothing is certain as of now. We will update you with new information as they come out.

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