No More Heroes 3: How to Unlock True Ending

Wondering about Travis Touchdown’s true fate? Then keep reading to learn what you must do to unlock the true ending in No More Heroes 3.

No More Heroes 3 is the fourth installment and third mainline entry in Grasshopper Manufacture’s hack-and-slash action-adventure series of No More Heroes. The story picks off eleven years after No More Heroes 2’s events, with the series protagonist Travis Touchdown returning to Santa Destroy to defend the world against an alien invasion.

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The mastermind behind this attack is the galactic overlord Prince FU and his nine minions posing as Galactic Superheros. And everyone’s favorite otaku assassin must infiltrate the Galactic Superhero Rankings and rise through the ranks to end their schemes.

Seeing FU kill Badman and put Shinobu in a coma, Travis joins the Galactic Superhero Rankings to fight his way to the top and bring him down. Along the way, he encounters some of the toughest opponents in the galaxy while also receiving help from superheroes who aid him in his cause of overthrowing the galactic overlord. This guide will explain how you can unlock the true ending in No More Heroes 3. Caution: major spoilers ahead!

No More Heroes 3 True Ending

Since No More Heroes 3 is supposed to be the end of Travis’ saga, there is no branching path in the story. The true ending can be unlocked by completing the game’s main story. Meaning you can experience the true ending as part of a post-credit animated cutscene instead of being faced with story-altering choices.

When Henry kills Travis, he is transported to the world of his favorite video game – Deathman. There, the videogame protagonist helps bring Travis back to life. Travis then defeats FU with the help of Shinobu and Bad Girl, forcing him to transform back to his larval form and flee the planet.

However, Damon blows up FU’s ship and kills him. He then transforms the Damon tower into a giant mecha to destroy the planet. Still, Travis defeats Damon by summoning his own mecha from the Daemon X Machina universe and completely obliterating him.

No More Heroes 3 True Ending
Credit: Grasshopper Manufacture

In the post-credit scene, which is the true ending of No More Heroes 3, Travis and his friends spread the ashes of Badman to give him a proper burial. This is when FU’s father, King Jess Baptise V, appears with an arsenal of aliens to declare invasion over the earth.

However, he is sliced down and defeated in seconds by grown-up versions of Travis’ twins, Hunter and Jeane, who claim to have traveled from the future to save the world. Moreover, they also reveal that Native Dancer is Jeane’s son, Scott, making him Travis’ grandson.

No More Heroes 3 True Ending
Credit: Grasshopper Manufacture

Furthermore, they also reveal that they came from the future to kill Henry Cooldown, who kills Travis and teams up with the aliens to conquer the planet. And the only way to avoid this future is for Travis to travel to the future with his children and stop Henry, nodding at a future No More Heroes game centered around family war.

No More Heroes 3 is now available on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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