No More Heroes 3: How To Earn WESN Fast

Follow this guide to learn how to farm for WESN points in No More Heroes 3 to upgrade your character and unlock items.

The cult classic No More Heroes saga is releasing on PC and other platforms with its third and supposedly final entry, No More Heroes 3. The game is likely to be the conclusion to Travis’s story. The game retains its signature hack-and-slash gameplay with unique, wild, and comedic elements that made it so popular. In addition, the open-world gameplay returns in No More Heroes 3, wandering through which you can take up various side-missions and challenges. Some of which are tougher than others.

Furthermore, the game features many enemies and boss fights you must dominate to progress through the game. Therefore, to keep yourself strong, you need to earn many WESN points, known as World Ending Super Nova. World Ending Super Nova, or WESN, is one of the two currencies in the game required to collect a lot of the collectables in the game, including T-shirts and collect Gacha Capsule Toys from the Alien Gacha machine mini-game.

Moreover, WESN is needed to upgrade your stats. Hence, even if you’re not too keen on collectables and 100% progressions tied to them, you should still collect WESN so that you can stand against, with ease, the many enemies coming after you.

You’re in the right place if you want to earn more WESN in No More Heroes 3. Our No More Heroes 3 World Ending Super Nova / WESN guide will teach you how to farm this valuable currency fast.

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Farming WESN in No More Heroes 3

Typically you can earn a good amount of WESN in No More Heroes 3 if you play through the main story and complete the side-quests and optional activities. In this way, you’re rewarded with both WESN and UC. But this is nowhere near enough if you’re looking to completely upgrade everything, let alone collect all the toys and T-shirts. You need to dedicate some hours to farming WESN in other ways.

Using The Time Machine

No More Heroes 3 WESN

The tried and true way to grind and farm anything in an RPG, JRPG, or action-adventure game is to repeatedly battle the brutal enemies and bosses if the game allows it. Likewise, No More Heroes 3 will enable you to replay boss battles using the Time Machine feature.

The Time Machine is located in the Motel’s laboratory. Once there, interact with the Time Machine, and you can select to re-battle the bosses you’ve defeated. Of course, the best way is to fight these bosses in the Berry Sweet difficulty, which is the easiest.

Although greater difficulties reward you with better WESN, the time, in general, it takes to defeat them is not worth the payout. Whereas you can play the same boss multiple times within the same boss in the Berry Sweet difficulty. Unless you have some unique ways to defeat the bosses quicker in the greater difficulty settings, getting an S rank or SS rank ensures you earn the highest WESN.

Some of the best bosses to replay in the Time Machine are:

  • Gold Joe: 1300 WESN
  • Midori Midorikawa: 2800 WESN
  • Henry Cooldown: 3600 WESN
  • Secret Boss: 5000 WESN

Among them, the most efficient bosses to earn WESN in More Heroes 3 fast is by fighting Midori Midorikawa, who appears mid-game. He isn’t too hard to defeat, takes only 30 to 40 seconds, and pays 2800 WESN.

Another one is the Secret Boss, which unlocks post-game. It takes only 1 minute to beat, given you have good abilities and upgraded stats. Defeating Secret Boss, you earn 5000 WESN.

Achieving SS Rank

No More Heroes 3 how to earn WESN fast
credit:  Grasshopper Manufacture

If you get too tired of replaying boss battles repeatedly, you can change pace and try to achieve SS ranks in missions. For example, try to get SS Rank in Volunteer and Defense Missions to earn a handsome amount of WESN and other rewards.

To get SS Rank in a mission, you need to have a good score for a good rank. To do this, you should:

  • Try to finish missions as fast as possible.
  • Avoid damage from enemies while fighting.
  • Use Death Glove Skills as soon as it is available.

These are the two tried and proper ways to farm for World Ending Super Nova or WESN in No More Heroes 3. So now let’s look at where to spend the hard-earned WESNs.

Spending WESN

Gacha Machines to acquire Alien Capsule Toys

No More Heroes 3 farm WESN
credit:  Grasshopper Manufacture

After progressing in the game and completing a specific mission, the Gacha Room unlocks in the Motel. You can find the Alien Gacha Machines, Assassin Gacha Machine, and Battle Recreation Gacha Machine. While the other two Gacha Machines costs UCs, the Alien Gacha Machines cost 200 WESN.

Play the machine to unlock various Alien Capsule Toys, a type of collectable in the game.

Upgrading Stats via the Power-Up Machine

Use the Power-Up Machine designed like an arcade cabinet to power up different attributes of Travis, such as Health, Attack, etc. Special Moves are also unlocked from here.

Each level-up costs a certain amount of WESN. Since levelling is important to face the increasing difficulty of boss fights and enemies, a good chunk of your WESN should be spent in the Power-Up Machine to make Travis stronger and to learn special moves.

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