Nintendo Switch Sports: How To Get A Strike In Bowling

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Getting a strike on Bowling might be something to boast about to your friends.

Nintendo Switch Sports will surely be one of the most significant games this month with more sports, better mechanics, and visuals. With Nintendo Sports resurrecting for a new console, fans are undoubtedly excited about what this one will offer. There are around six sports in the game, and each provides a different way to enjoy and play. If you are someone who loves bowling and is struggling to get a strike. Below, we have made a complete guide on how to get a strike in Nintendo Switch Sports.

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How to Get a Strike In Bowling

To start Bowling, positioning your bowling ball is the key and spinning it after you bowl. You will have to place yourself in the method shown in the picture below. The Joy-con detects your movements, so make sure you do it the way we have mentioned here. Another thing you must remember is never to let go of the ZR button.

How to Get a Strike In Bowling
Credit- Nintendo

After you have positioned yourself like this, hold on to ZR and bowl using the action shown. You will need a little practice but start from the position shown and move your wrist 180 degrees after you bowl to give it a perfect spin.

Remember to flip your wrist 180 after you bowl so that the ball spins right before it lands, hitting the middle pin and giving you a perfect score. This is just one of many tricks you can use in the game to get a perfect score. Players can also position themselves just beside the middle arrow on the right, and without any spin, they can hit the middle pin to get a perfect strike.

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