Crafting Leveling Guide: New World

Mahirul Alam Chowdhury
By Mahirul Alam Chowdhury
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credits: New World

Our New World Crafting Leveling guide will help you quickly grind out your crafting professions as fast as possible.

Amazon’s New World crafting feature is an important aspect of the game. It allows players to create strong and useful items from gathered and refined materials. Which includes the usual weapons, armors, potions to even furniture for your home. New World currently offers 7 crafting skills. These are Armoring, Arcana, Cooking, Engineering, Furnishing, Jewelcrafting, and Weaponsmithing.

And of course, to get the best out of them you need to level up the crafting skills. In turn, giving you access to more craftable and stronger items. As you level up your crafting skills, your yield for certain crafts increases. Hence giving you more items than before. The skills that offer these advantages are Arcana, Cooking, Leatherworking, Smelting, Stonecutting, Weaving, Woodworking. Additionally, leveling up crafting in New World also increase gear score and chances of producing items with perks.

Furthermore, for crafting and refining one has to use the crafting stations that are located in all Settlement and some Outposts across the game world.

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The Crafting Stations

  • Arcane Repository
  • Forge
  • Kitchen
  • Outfitting Station
  • Workshop

The Refining Stations

  • Loom
  • Smelter
  • Stonecutting Table
  • Tannery
  • Woodshop

New World Crafting Leveling from 0 to 200

New World Crafting Leveling can be done in any number of ways. After all, it depends on your playstyle. While one can take their time and take on a very intricate and in-depth grinding session. On the other hand, one can also use quicker methods to rush their crafting leveling easily, if they want to focus on other parts of the game. In this guide, we explore quick ways for New World’s Crafting leveling from level 0 and all the way to level 200. All the resources and materials can be collected from the early parts of the game.


credits: New World

Not much needs to be done when it comes to leveling up the Arcana crafting skill. Setup camps near rivers or lakes and gather Briar Buds or Hyssop. Keep on crafting Weak Health Potions or Weak Mana Potions. You’ll see a quick increase in Arcana levels.

  1. Craft: 313,571 Weak Health Potions or Weak Mana Potions.
  2. Resources:
    • 313,571 Briar Buds/Hyssop
    • 313,571 Water.


credits: New World

The fastest way to level up engineering is by crafting Iron Arrows. That being said, feathers required for it may sometimes be hard to find or buy. Nevertheless, if you manage to get your hands on them for cheap this is the way to go.

  1. Craft: 17,421x Iron Arrow (x50)
  2. Resources:
    • 69,684x Iron Ingot (278,736 Iron Ore)
    • 34,842 Timber (139,368 Green Wood)
    • 52,263 Feathers.

If feathers turn out to be a rare commodity in your server then you can craft Spears, Fishing Poles/Bows as an alternative.

For Spear

  1. Craft: 9,223x Treated Wood Spear
  2. Salvaging: 64,564 to 83,008 Timber Required
  3. Resources:
    • 92,230x Timber(368,920 Green Wood)
    • 46,115 Iron Ingot(184,460 Iron Ore)
    • 18,446 Coarse Leather(73,784 Raw Hide)

For Fishing Poles/Bows

  1. Craft: 9,223 Treated Wood Fishing Pole/Treated Wood Bow
  2. Salvaging: 83,010 to 101,454 Timber Required
  3. Resources:
    • 110,676 Timber(442,704 Green Wood)
    • 18,446 Linen(73,784 Fibers)
    • 27,669 Coarse Leather(110,676 Raw Hide)


credits: New World

For fast 0-200 leveling, crafting Tier 2 weapons such as Shield, Longsword, and Rapiers are the best option right now. You can also craft for Great Axe and Warhammer for similar results.

For Shield, Longsword, and Rapiers

  1. Craft: 15,679 Iron Round Shield/Iron Longsword/Iron Rapier,
  2. Salvaging: 78,397 to 94,075 Iron Ingot Required
  3. Resources:
    • 109,753 Iron Ingot (439,012 Iron Ore)
    • 31,358 Timber(125,432 Green Wood)
    • 15,679 Coarse Leather(62,716 Raw Hide)

For Great Axe and Warhammer

  1. Craft: 9,223 Iron Great Axe/Iron War Hammer
  2. Salvaging: 73,788 to 101,454 Iron Ingot Required
  3. Resources:
    • 110,676 Iron Ingot(442,704 Iron Ore)
    • 27,669 Timber(110,676 Green Wood)
    • 18,446 Coarse Leather(73,784 Raw Hide)


New World Crafting Leveling
credits: New World

Keep on crafting Tier II amulets for the most efficient leveling up. Tier II amulets also have a slight chance of returning uncut flawed gems.

  1. Craft: 9,799x Flawed Gem Amulet
  2. Salvaging: 9,799x Cut Flawed Gem(8,820x Flawed Gem + 19,598 Motes)
  3. Resources:
    • 9,799x Silver Chain(195,980x Silver Ore)
    • 9,799 Cut Flawed Gem(9,799x Flawed Gem + 19,598 Motes)
    • 9,799x Silver Setting(156,784x Silver Ore)
    • 9,799x Silver Ingot(39,196x Silver Ore).


New World Crafting Leveling
credits: New World

We now know that crafting Tier II options of both jewels and weapons is the sweet spot for quick crafting leveling. Likewise, it is the same for leveling up Armoring. In New World, armor is of 3 types: light, medium, heavy. Crafting light and medium armor is the best way to power level this crafting skill. Just remember to salvage any gloves you find or craft to get back most of the resources.

For Light Armor

  1. Craft: 17,421x Linen Gloves
  2. Salvaging: 34,844 to 52,264 Linen Required
  3. Resources:
    • 69,684x Linen(278,736x Fibers)
    • 69,684x Coarse Leather(278,736x Raw Hide)
    • 17,421x Iron Ingot(69,684x Iron Ore).

For Medium Armor

  1. Craft: 17,421x Rough Leather Gloves
  2. Salvaging: 34,844 to 52,264 Coarse Leather Required
  3. Resources:
    • 69,684x Coarse Leather(278,736x Raw Hide)
    • 69,684x Linen(278,736x Fibers)
    • 17,421x Iron Ingot(69,684x Iron Ore).


New World Crafting Leveling
credits: New World

Unlike most in this list, Cooking is far simpler and easier to level up. There are two ways to easily level up this crafting skill. Either you can fish on Tier II or Tier III fishing spots or you can hunt for wildlife such as Wolves, Bears, Cows, Sheep, Goats, Cats, Alligators, Bison and harvest their meat. In the end, you need to keep on cooking Travel Rations with the ingredients you gather.

For Fishing

  1. Craft: 22,522x Travel Ration
  2. Resources:
    • 22,522x Firm Fish Filet
    • 22,522x Fish Filet

For Hunting

  1. Craft: 22,522x Travel Ration
  2. Resources:
    • 22,522x Red Meat
    • 22,522x Game Meat/Poultry/Pork


New World Crafting Leveling
credits: New World

Furnishing allows you to craft better-looking furniture, better trophies, and increased storage chests. Furniture will make your house look fancier meanwhile trophies provide buffs and storage chests have increased storage space.

For Level 0-75

  1. Craft: Round Sunny Rug
  2. Resources:
    • Linen x15
    • Crossweave x5
    • Fibers x5
    • +150 Furnishing
  3. Craft: Wicker Basket
  4. Resources:
    • Reeds x35
    • Fibers x25
    • Weak Solvent x1
    • +61 Furnishing

For Level 75+

  1. Craft: Cherry Sheets Bunk Bed
  2. Resources:
    • Lumber x35
    • Iron Ingot x10
    • Maple Stain x2
    • +1128 Furnishing
    • Workshop Tier 3
    • Furnishing Lv. 56

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