How To Get A Life Staff: New World

Mahirul Alam Chowdhury
By Mahirul Alam Chowdhury
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If you want to know how to get a Life Staff for your support character in New World, then look no further.

The Life Staff is currently the only healing weapon in New World, hence it is extremely important for anyone looking to play support. It is a base weapon that scales with focus. Furthermore, the Life Staff offer two skill trees: Healing, Protector. Although all this sounds good, the downside is that it is very weak in attacking in addition to its scaling being based on focus.

While the healing tree focuses on healing abilities, as the name suggests, The Protector tree emphasizes buffing abilities, stats your allies, and keeping them fit throughout a fight. In this guide, we discuss how to get a life staff in the New World.

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Life Staff New World
Life Staff Skill Tree

The Life Staff in New World

The Life Staff is a powerful and very useful weapon. Yet it is very easy to obtain this item as it is a base weapon meant to be used by support players.

There are several ways to obtain the Life Staff in New World, which include crafting looting chests as well as finding them after finishing quests. All of these are pretty easily doable early on in the game.

Complete Quests

When you first start your journey on New World, keep on finishing the early quests that you find. In fact, finishing all of the quests that are given to you at the early stages. You’ll end up with a Life Staff as you successfully complete these quests. Either as rewards or drops.

Loot Chests

Another way of finding the beloved healing Life Staff is to loot chests. Whether you are exploring or carrying out missions, always look out for chests. Some of them might not be sitting there in plain sight so you have to roam about to look for chests. Additionally, not you will have a high chance to end up with a Life Staff, but you will also find other items and materials to aid in your journey.

Craft, Craft, and Craft

If you missed out on staff even after looking for it on chests or completing all the early quests. Worry not as you can still craft a Life Staff. To successfully craft a Life Staff, you will need Iron and Life Motes. You will receive Iron after reaching and spending time in the first settlement, after starting a new game. Furthermore, Iron is one of the most common crafting materials in the game. Look for Iron Ore veins and harvest them with your pickaxe. Then they have to be smelted to create Iron.

As for Life Motes, you will have to harvest them from Lifeblooms. Lifeblooms are magical plants usually found in forests, mountains, and water bodies. Therefore it is not too hard to harvest them either.

In short, you will find both the required crafting materials very effortlessly and early in-game to craft the Life Staff.

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