New Leak reveals Rainbow Six Siege’s upcoming TDM ‘Warm-Up’ Mode

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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Image: Ubisoft

A new Rainbow Six Siege leak has surfaced on the internet that reveals a new playlist that players have been wanting for a long time now.

Rainbow Six Siege dataminer benjaminstrike has once again shared an unseen clip, which shows us a first glance of the brand-new ‘Warm-up’ mode.

The ‘Warmup Playlist’ will be a permanent game mode with respawns enabled that players can hop into and leave anytime. The playlist will feature a Team Deathmatch game mode, where the team will most eliminations wins. The leaked clip also reveals the unique gameplay rules for this playlist, where players will be able to pick the same operator, main operator gadgets are disabled, and both teams will have the same secondary gadgets.

It also seems like Siege’s new warmup mode includes a smaller map pool that probably will rotate after each season. Additionally, in-game chat will be disabled for this playlist.

‘Terrorist Hunt’ or the newly renamed Training Grounds in Siege has been quite underwhelming to players for a long period of time. This game mode lacks important features to aid players in improving their gameplay, thus leaving players wanting a proper warmup mode.

During the Reddit AMA, Siege devs confirmed that they were working on a warmup mode for the game. Alongside the warmup playlist, the devs have also shared their plans for a new shooting range that will “allow players to test the Damage & Recoil from multiple distances and weapon setups.”

“We have a lot of plans for this feature and some ideas that are unique to Siege such as practicing Soft Wall destruction and testing the damage loss through different destructible materials.” – Christopher, Assoc. Game Director.

While the shooting range might not be ready just yet, the ‘Warmup mode’ might release soon. In the recent Y6S4 ‘High Calibre’ season reveal, there was no mention of this playlist, which indicates it isn’t ready to be deployed this season. So, Six Invitational 2022 might be the time when Rainbow Six Siege fans will finally get their hands on this much-awaited practice mode.

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