New Item Trailblazer That Will Lead The Way In LoL Preseason 2024

Fahim Shahriar
By Fahim Shahriar
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Supports are getting a new Movement Speed item called Trailblazer.

About two months ago, Riot conducted a poll to determine the next support item to be added to League of Legends. They provided the player base with three new item choices. First was the Shadow Isles-themed Eerie Invitation, the second was Trailblazer, a Shurima-themed item, and finally, a Bandle City-inspired Scout’s Fanfare.

After months of waiting, the poll results are in. It was a very close competition between the three items, but the Shurima-themed item, Trailblazer, came out on top. The new support item provides bonus Movement Speed to the user and, similar to the Elixir of Iron, has a trail effect that provides bonus Movement Speed to allies.

That said, with the recent Preseason update, Riot has introduced the item to the PBE servers. Now, we can finally see the item in action and gauge how good the item is. So, without any further ado, let us take a closer look at the newest support item, Trailblazer.

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  • Total Cost: 2400 gold
  • Item Recipe: Winged Moonplate + Chain Vest + 800 gold
  • 250 Health
  • 40 Armor
  • 5% Movement Speed
  • Passive – Make the Path: While moving, build up to 20 bonus Movement Speed. At maximum stacks, leave a trail that raises allied champions’ Movement Speed by 15% of yours. Your next attack discharges build-up Move Speed; for Melee champions at top speed, this attack also Slows the target by 50% for 1 second.

Trailblazer as an item is pretty comparable to Dead Man’s Plate. Both items have similar stats and Movement Speed, but the biggest difference is its cost. Since Trailblazer is a support item, it is significantly cheaper, and it also does not provide damage.

Overall, it’s a solid replacement for Dead Man’s Plate for support champions like Leona and Nautilus.

Release Date

Trailblazer, along with all the new items, will arrive in League of Legends in Patch 14.1, scheduled to be released in early January.

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