Riot Introducing New Clamp Cast Feature To Cast At Maximum Range In League of Legends

Shoaib Akter Himel
By Shoaib Akter Himel
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Casting Spells at Maximum Range will be much easier with the new Toggle that doesn’t require you to walk up.

Ability casting is one of the most important gameplay elements of League of Legends gameplay. Because much of what your champions can do is heavily reliant on successfully casting your abilities. There are various types of abilities based on how they are cast. For example, Karthus Q has a cast indicator that allows you to select the circle where it will land. There’s also a maximum cast range beyond which, if you place your cursor, your champion has to walk up to cast it.

This maximum cast range is usually marked by a large circle. So, naturally, if you use your cursor beyond the circle, the champion has to close the gap by walking up. There are other clicks cast, though, like Veigar’s R. Some are self-cast, such as Vayne R, and some are global like Karthus R. Skillshots like Morgana and Lux Q don’t require you to select the area where it will land rather you only have to select the direction from where it will be shot.

In this article, I will be talking about a new feature to be included that makes it easy for spells not requiring a target to be cast at max range.

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Clamp Cast Target Location Within Max Range

This is the name of the feature to be added. Basically, this feature will prevent your champion from walking up to cast spells. These spells are only those that don’t require a target. So, Gangplank E, Viktor E, Thresh W, Karthus Q, etc. This feature was already implemented on some champions earlier. For example, Miss Fortune’s E and Syndra Q were changed to cast at max range without stepping ahead.

Now, this feature is brought in for all other champions who have similar spells. Now, those champions can stand on their position, and when the spell is cast, it will reach the target location within max range. Even if your cursor is placed way beyond the maximum range, the spell will land at the maximum reach of your spell.

Riot has announced that this is going to be a toggle feature. It can be found in the Game Options under the Gameplay section. Once this is turned on, all your champions will be able to cast spells of the aforementioned nature without having to walk up.

This can be particularly useful in scenarios where you want to maintain strict positioning. Drake and Baron Pit fight for example. Sometimes, walking up by even 1 step can be fatal but casting at max range is vital to contribute to the fight. In those cases, you will see huge quality of life improvement.

Limitations of the Feature

There are some limitations to this. For example, you can not choose which champions to have this feature enabled on. Once the toggle is on, it will be shared by ‘All’ the champions you play. So you will have to toggle it off when you don’t want this feature on a certain champion. Moreover, it being a global feature means that you are not given the freedom to assign it to a single ability (Q,W,E or R for example). So, the flexibility is absent, unlike smart and quick cast, which allows you to customize which abilities you want them on.

When will this feature be live?

This feature will be added in LoL along with Hwei’s release on patch 13.24. Patch 13.24 will be deployed across all servers on December 6, 2023.

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