LoL Winterblessed 2023 Event Controversy As Removed Rewards For Banners

Shoaib Akter Himel
By Shoaib Akter Himel
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Image Credit: Riot Games

Riot has got itself into yet another controversy as this time, the Winterblessed 2023 event pass is concerned.

Events are a crucial part of the League of Legends non-competitive experience. This is truer for the people who like to get their hands on the new goodies such as skins, icons, and loots that come with new events. Event pass is a mechanism that allows the players to collect an even greater amount of event-thematic loot. The pass is bought through RP.

This loot mostly contains a lot of tokens (named after the event, in this case, Winterblessed token), mythic and orange essence, Grab Bag, icons, etc.

Naturally, not all loots are preferred by the players. I, for example, couldn’t care less about icons. But I would like to collect all the bonus tokens, Grab Bag, and Orb as I can use them to eventually get new skins. This time, they adjusted the loot contents slightly for the Winterblessed 2023 event, which was the cause of major frustration among most of the players.

In this article, I will explain what the changes were and how they caused massive outrage in the community.

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Winterblessed 2023 Event Pass Nerf

image credit: Riot games

If you have completed previous Event Passes, you may notice there’s 1 fewer Grab Bag now. On top of it, they have reduced the amount of Mythic and Orange essence. Even in the Worlds 2023 event pass, mythic essence could be received 4 times, 10 essences for the first 3, 20 for the last one. Now it’s 5,5,5,10, literally halved.

The same is noticeable for Orange ethics. Now you get only 625 instead of 750, and that too only once. They have compensated for the lack of these with 3 Winterblessed banners, achievable at levels 6, 30, and 46.

Community Reaction

If you go to Twitter or Reddit, you can clearly see how it has disappointed a huge portion of the community. The one big universal complaint is the removal of 1 Grab Bag. Grab bags are usually, more or less, better than orbs because they give you a chance for more than one skin shard at a time, plus whatever bonus like gems or essence it might give.

Even though the community is quite happy about the borders, they have raised concerns about how indistinct they look to each other. Without closer inspection, the noble, royal, and aurora borders look almost identical. So, the trade-off doesn’t feel nearly worth it.

Riot’s Response

In response to such community reaction, Riot BarackProbama responded in the following manner on Reddit:

Basically, they thought that people would love winter-themed goodies more as opposed to generic loots. So, they redirected some resources from one end to another. It is also evident that they had not anticipated this level of dissatisfaction from the community. Therefore, they are open to changing their mind in the future, contingent on further examining overall community perception.

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