New Bots Are Coming To League of Legends In Patch 14.6

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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After a good bit of testing, Riot is officially releasing the new Bots of different difficulties in Patch 14.6 of League of Legends.

This year has been a way for Riot to revamp League of Legends. Riot added more to Summoner’s Rift with new items, objectives, and so on. We have also had a new champion released in Smolder, who is setting fire to League of Legends and bringing Mom with her.

While a lot of the gameplay fronts are being addressed on a patch-to-patch basis, Riot is also doing some systems work. One of those features Riot has gone back to the workshop with is Bots. In 2023, Riot came out with new bot difficulties on the PBE server and that had a lot of feedback and learnings for them.

So, Riot has analyzed all that data and has improved the Bot tech enough to release it to the live servers. Thus, here is all we know so far.

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New Bots in League of Legends

With the new dev update, Riot has announced that the New Bots are coming in March. With the PBE testing back in September, Riot has since fixed A LOT of bugs, bot movements, bot actions, and such.

Thus, with all the updates, Bots will not function similarly to players in terms of basics. Also, these bots will now take map objectives, jungle, and also rotate in lanes. Pretty cool.

So, Co-op Versus AI will feel a lot better with these improvements in the Intro, Beginner, and Advanced skill levels. These changes will draw in more new players and allow them to learn the game and keep playing. Player retention is everything for multiplayer games.

Riot also said that they will keep fixing bugs, adding new Bots to Custom games, better tutorials, and more. To read the whole description of all Riot has said about the topic, you can read it right here.

Release Date

Riot has said that the new Bots will be coming in Patch 14.6. The date for the patch is March 20, 2024.

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