Natlan Map Leaked? – Everything Rumored About the Pyro Nation of Genshin Impact

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Natlan MAP Leaked

There are a few Natlan image and map leaks going around the internet. Are they true? What can you expect? – Let’s dive in!

While we still have a few areas left for Fontaine to be released, leakers have already started to post some alleged images of what might be the environment and map of Genshin’s next region: Natlan.

There hasn’t been any official claim by Hoyoverse, but some facts we already know are that the region will be smaller than Sumeru, there are dragonkins as natives, and it is currently going through some sort of civil war. Apart from that, everything is left to the player’s imagination.

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That being said, some leakers already claim to have found the map of Natlan along with information on how the environment will be. I have my own ideas and interpretations. So, with all the leaks and alleged information, I will paint a picture that will describe Natlan and its environmental details.

Therefore, without further ado, let’s dive into the details, shall we?

Leaked Natlan Map

I have gathered all the latest Natlan map leaks and put together a conceptual idea that may resemble the Pyro nation and its location. Keep in mind that this is not official information and is just a compilation of other leaks.

Alleged Natlan Map
Alleged Natlan Map

Natlan will be located between Inazuma and Sumeru with a partial involvement of Liyue. The Southern deserts of Sumeru will directly connect with Natlan, leading to the magma-filled mountains and lakes.

Another portion of Natlan will be connected with Liyue which will be around the Chasm & Harbor area. These areas are rumored to have bigger underworld areas like caves than what we will have on land.

There are set to be three different types of zones in Natlan: Magma/Lava Zone, Ice/Underground Zone, and Normal Zone. If the rumors are true then we will get at least 5 different areas dedicated to Natlan on the Map:

1. Xinglantan

Xinglantan (Natlan Leak)
Leak by @thao.wibu

The name is subject to change but this area is directly connected with Liyue Harbor and Chasm. It could be the starting position for Natlan as it shows the towns and seaports without any special environmental effects. As the leaked image shows, three islands are interconnected.

But the main attraction for Xinglantan will be Poseidon’s Palace. This will probably be an underwater area, and as the name of the Greek God Poseidon, it is bound to be connected with some sort of Teyvat’s deities.

Some claim that there will be individual dungeon-like tunnels that connect Poseidon’s Palace with the mainland. These tunnels are labeled as The Road to Fuyao. It seems to be connected with the Fluorescent Coast, which is a domain around a frozen coast.

The Heiyan Factory mining area will be laid underground in Xinglantan. This will be on the same surface level of Chasm, which might even connected to this location. There seem to be unique mining materials that we will be able to encounter in this location.

2. Wanling

Wanling (Natlan Leak)
Leak by @thao.wibu

This will be an underground area of Natlan, which seems to be close to the magma/lava. It seems like we will be able to access scattered islands or caves through some sort of new mechanic (like the traveling mechanics we had in Inazuma & Sumeru).

3. Yanfu Shayuan

Yanfu Shuyan (Natlan Leak)
Leak by @thao.wibu

Until today, this is the biggest location of Natlan leaked by the leakers. Here we will have both surface and underground areas that will directly be connected to the Risol Sea. We will get the Shura trail and mountain-like range with cliffs and unforgettable drops along with a completely secluded area filled with ice: the ice caves. Ice caves have been rumored to be a crucial part of the Traveler’s story.

4. Risol Sea

Risol Sea (Natlan Leak)
Leak by @thao.wibu

Finally, the last leaked area that I have come across is the Risol Sea and it is said to be filled with lava and connected with an active volcano. We will face a warm water climate like we have seen in Fontaine, gradually leading to cold water. Environmental status like Dragonspine is also rumored to be introduced in this location.

5. Miaxuhai

Maixuhai (Natlan Leak)
Leak by @thao.wibu

There isn’t much info about this area till now. However, it is said to have a minimum of 4 domains and 1 Statute of Seven.

There you go, that is all the information I have found regarding Natlan’s Map from Leakers. Remember that there is no official claim, these might all be false. Therefore, take all of this info with a massive grain of salt and copium.

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