MSI 2022 Semifinals Preview: T1 vs G2 Esports

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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T1 vs G2 is set to be tomorrow as both teams are gunning to go to the MSI 2022 Finals

With RNG coming out victorious a few hours ago, T1 vs G2 will decide the team that will meet RNG in the finals. It is going to be a close matchup as the Rumble Stage ended in a 1-1 record. In both games, the winning team won in a dominant fashion albeit a bit differently. Let’s talk about the Semifinal match up in more detail.

T1 vs G2 Esports

As mentioned earlier, the previous matches between these two teams were won in a dominant fashion by both G2 and T1. While T1 did win by getting an early lead and snowballing a lead as per usual, G2 proved in the first game that they can excel against T1 in the mid-game. For both teams, they have their own way of winning games and we are definitely in for a great show tomorrow.

On one hand, T1 is the more controlled style that really keys in on getting early leads, choking out the vision, and taking objectives and winning the game. On the other hand, G2 Esports is a more chaotic team. G2 tends to be really aggressive, particularly around mid lane as they try to get Caps a lead. Once they unlock Caps from the lane, the team starts roaming around the map to take over side lanes.

However, both teams are limited in terms of drafting. G2 has made some really bad drafts and that just puts them at a disadvantage. T1 is in a similar situation but it’s more due to their players having a limitation in terms of the champion pool. Gumayusi in particular looks a lot better in comfort picks than meta picks. That same argument could be extended to Oner as well. So for both teams, it’s will be about drafting better.

If T1 can keep a hold of the mid-game then T1 should win the series given that they always get early game leads and are excellent at taking control over the map. However, if G2 gets a hold of the mid-game, G2 has a good foothold in the series. Thus, it will be about which team can use their strategy the best.

In Conclusion

Thus, T1 and G2 are setting up to be a great series and they have a lot to offer on the rift. It’s a matter of which team comes more prepared and can ride the momentum. Tomorrow is going to be a good day for League of Legends.

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