Full List of Challenges in League of Legends

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There are over 300 challenges in League of Legends. Here are all of them, alongside the instructions on how to get them.

Besides grinding for ranks, there were not many things that players could grind for in League of Legends. The only thing that players could grind for before was the Eternals and Masteries for their favourite champion.

With Eternals, players could show off their accomplishment of that specific champion to other players. These accomplishments include getting kills, killing epic monsters, casting specific abilities, doing things with these specific abilities, etc. And with masteries, the more you play with the specific champion, the more mastery points you gain for that champion. With the mastery points, you can show off to other people how much you play that single champion. Moreover, if you get an S+ rank with a champion for the first time in the season, you get a free Hextech Chest.

With that said, in season 12, Riot released challenges. With challenges, players could show off their lifetime achievements in League of Legends. First, let’s briefly explain what challenges are and then list them with an instruction on how to get them.

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What are Challenges in League of Legends

As stated before, Challenges are achievements in League of Legends that you can earn by doing certain things. These works are similar to Eternals. But unlike Eternals where it tracks your achievements of certain champions, Challenges track your progress of the entire game.

Additionally, Challenges also have ranks. These ranks scale up from iron to challenger, similar to the regular rank ladder. So, for example, when you first time complete a challenge, it will be iron rank at first. But the more time you do this challenge, the more your rank will increase. Most challenges go up to challenger rank. Moreover, getting higher ranks on the challenge also grants you badges and titles. You can equip your preferred badges and title, and everyone in the match will see your achievements on the loading screen.

Challenge Categories

There are six categories of Challenges in League of Legends. Let’s see what each category represents, along with a couple of examples.

  1. Imagination: Modes and innovative plays make this category the home for those who dare to dream
    • Bad Medicine: Kill enemies recently healed by a heal pack in ARAM
    • Wave Goodbye: Kill 20 minions within 3 Second
  2. Expertise: Skillfully crushing your opponents is the way to earn big in this category
    • Unkillable Demon King: Win games without dying
    • Flame Horizon: Win games with 100 or more C.S. than your opponent
  3. Teamwork & Strategy: Working together with your team to dominate the Rift is the focus here
    • Soul Sweep: Claim Dragon Souls 4 – 0
    • Team Diff: Score aces between minion spawn and 15 minutes
  4. Veterancy: Putting up big lifetime numbers in kills, gold earned, and other stats will help boost this bucket
    • PENTAKIIIIIIIIL!!: Get Pentakills
    • Multi-Weapon Master: Win with different Mythic Items
  5. Collection: It’s in the name. Collecting cosmetics and engaging in loot fills the bars here
    • Icon of the Rift: Obtain Summoner Icons
    • Spice of Life: Obtain Champions
  6. Legacy: Time-limited challenges live in this category to commemorate season-based accomplishments and past achievements others can no longer obtain. They don’t contribute to your overall progress, nor can you level up Legacy as a category.

All LoL Challenges Divided by Categories

All of the challenges released so far are listed below based on their categories and sub-categories. If you want to check your progress on any of the challenges, go to the challenges tab in your client and search for the name of the Challenge.

1. Expertise


Challenge NameRequirementsTitle Earned
AscendantEarn Challenge Points in the Domination, Unrivaled, and Perfection Groups G.O.A.T.
MightEarn Challenge Points in the Flair, Behemoth, Slayer, and Predator groupsLegend
MastermindEarn Challenge Points in the Cornerstone, Visionary, and Precision groupsMastermind


Challenge NameRequirementsTitle Earned
AdeptEarn Challenge Points in the Adept groupLethal
Shoddy ConstructionGet a Takedown (kill or assist) on the first turret of the game
Lethal EfficiencyKill 80 lane minions within 10 minutesMinion
Unkillable Demon KingWin games without dyingUnkillable Demon
Death IncarnateGet 12 Takedowns on enemy champions by 25 minutes


Challenge NameRequirementsTitle Earned
DominationEarn Challenge Points in the Domination groupDominant
Flame HorizonWin games where you were at least 100CS ahead of your lane opponent at any point in the gameSpitfire
Lane DominationEnd the laning phase (14 minutes) with 20% more gold and experience than your lane opponent
Lane CommandEnd the early laning phase (7 minutes) with 20% more gold and experience than your lane opponent
The Brush Has EyesEnd the game with 20% more vision score than your lane opponent
On Another LevelEarn a three or more level lead over your role opponent at any point


Challenge NameRequirementsTitle Earned
UnrivaledEarn Challenge Points in the Unrivaled groupUnrivaled
BouncerHave the highest Crowd Control Score in the game
Darkness DistributerTakedown the most wards in the gameScout
Pain PrescriberDeal the most damage to champions in the game
Damage DispenserDeal more than 700 Damage Per Minute
Meat ShieldWin games where you took 35% of damage dealt to champions on your team


Challenge NameRequirementsTitle Earned
PerfectionEarn Challenge Points in the Perfection groupPerfect
ImmortalWin games with eight or more kills without dying
ProdigyBecome Legendary (eight kill streak) within 15 minutes Prodigy
InvincibleWin a game without dying with different champions
DecimatorGet 2 Pentakills in a single game
GoldenEarn more than 450 Gold Per Minute


Challenge NameRequirementsTitle Earned
FlairEarn Challenge Points in the Flair groupShow-Off
Can’t MissLand 20 skillshots before 7 minutes
TY for LeashSteal an Epic Monster without Smite
Stacks on Stacks on StacksFully stack Mejai’s Soulstealer before 20 minutes
One StoneKill two players with one ability cast
The Jukes!Dodge five skill shots in eight secondsFancy Feet
Captain JackCleansing an immobilizing effect within 0.25 secCaptain Jack


Challenge NameRequirementsTitle Earned
BehemothEarn Challenge Points in the Behemoth groupBehemoth
Not Even a ScratchTake 10000 damage in a fight without dyingAbsolute Unit
Damage SpongeGet kills while tanking damage from all five enemies and survive
Go Where You PleaseTank three or more immobilizing effects in a fight and survive


Challenge NameRequirementsTitle Earned
SlayerEarn Challenge Points in the Slayer groupMaverick
Solo BoloGet solo killsLone Wolf
Never Tell Me the OddsGet kills while more enemies than friendly ones are nearbyLucky
No QuarterKill enemy champions under their own turret
Blink and You’ll Miss ItKill champions from full health within 1.5 seconds.
Splitpush StratagyTake side lane towers without dying


Challenge NameRequirementsTitle Earned
PredatorEarn Challenge Points in the Predator groupPredator
Dragon On Too LongTake down the first dragon before 8 minutes
Buff BurglarTake buff jungle monsters from the enemy jungle
Clean ClearsGet 70 C.S. from jungle monsters before 10 minutes
Three BuffedTake 3 of the first 4 buff camps
Crab WranglerTake both of the first scuttle crab spawnsCrab Wrangler
Target SecuredSecure Epic Monsters with the enemy jungler nearby
It’s My Jungle NowTake more of the opponent’s jungle than them by 10 minutes
The Most Dangerous GameKill the enemy jungler in their own jungle before 10 minutesInvader
Epic StealSteal two Epic Monsters in one game


Challenge NameRequirementsTitle Earned
CornerstoneEarn Challenge Points in the Cornerstone groupCornerstone
Superior SupportingFinish your support quest 60 seconds faster than the enemy support
All-SeeingHave over 2 vision score per minuteAll-Seeing
Support SubsidyFully complete your support quest in less than 18 minutes


Challenge NameRequirementsTitle Earned
VisionaryEarn Challenge Points in the Visionary groupVisionary
Ward HunterDestroy 10 wards before 20 minutes
Ward WardenProtect wards by being nearby when an enemy damages itWard Warden
Incredible ValueKill three wards with a single sweeper

Magnum Opus

Challenge NameRequirementsTitle Earned
Magnum OpusEarn Challenge Points from in the Magnum Opus groupTop Tier
PerfectionistEarn an S+ grade on different ChampionsS+
Same Penta, Different ChampGet a Pentakill with different Champions
Top PerformerEarn S- grades or higher
Ladder ClimberEarn rank in Ranked Solo/Duo QueueMasterful
KDA PlayerGet a K.D.A. over 3 in Ranked Solo/Duo Queue K.D.A. Player
Forever VictoriousEnd seasons ranked Gold or higher

2. Teamwork & Strategy


Challenge NameRequirementsTitle Earned
DeterminationEarn Challenge Points in the Monster Hunter, Steadfast, and Symbiosis groupsTenacious
CaptainEarn Challenge Points in the Strategy, Demolition, Synergy, and Team Spirit groupsPlaymaker
AllianceEarn Challenge Points in the Clash, Synchronicity, Harmony, Globetrotter, and Macro groupsTeam Player

Monster Hunter

Challenge NameRequirementsTitle Earned
Monster HunterEarn Challenge Points in the Monster Hunter groupBig Game Hunter
Always On TimeKill Epic Monsters within 30 seconds of them spawningEpic
Gets The WurmYour team takes Barons before 21 minutesEarly Bird
Dragon HuntYour team takes Elder Dragon before 28 minutes
Two Shells are Better Than OneYour team takes both Rift Heralds in a game
Soul SweepClaim Dragon Souls without the enemy team taking a single dragon
Can of WurmsKill 3 Barons in a single game
Draconic ExtinctionKill 2 Elder Dragons in a single game


Challenge NameRequirementsTitle Earned
SteadfastEarn Challenge Points in the Steadfast groupCourageous
Open VictoryWin games with an open nexusComeback Kid
UninhibitedWin games after losing an inhibitorUninhibited
Comeback KidsWin games after being down 15 kills
No Loyalty Among DragonsTake Elder Dragon while your opponent has the Dragon SoulIncendiary
Who needs em’Win a game despite an AFK teammate


Challenge NameRequirementsTitle Earned
SymbiosisEarn Challenge Points in the Symbiosis groupExceptional
Flawless VictoryWin a Perfect Game, where the opposing team gets no kills, dragons, Rift Heralds or Barons, and destroys no turretsFlawless
Leading by ExampleGet an assist streak of 12+ without dying
UninhibitedDestroy all three enemy inhibitors in under 25 minutes
Team DiffScore an Ace after minions spawn but before 15 minutes
Happy FeetDance with Rift Herald in the enemy baseJitterbug
Let’s Make This QuickDestroy the enemy nexus in less than 15 minutes


Challenge NameRequirementsTitle Earned
StrategyEarn Challenge Points in the Strategy groupStrategist
Level 1 FiestaGet takedowns before jungle camps spawn
Farm Champs not CampsAs a jungler, get kills on laners before 10 minChamp Farmer
Overwhelming PresenceAs a laner, get kills outside your lane before 10 min
Who’s Lane is it AnywayAs a laner, get takedowns in all lanes before 10 min
Baron Power PlayGenerate a 2500 gold advantage with Baron Buff
Global Defence SystemHave a control ward in the enemy jungle for 65+% of the game


Challenge NameRequirementsTitle Earned
DemolitionEarn Challenge Points in the Demolition groupDemolisher
Go Shelly Go!Take 2 turrets with the same Rift Herald
Shattered PlatesDestroy turrets before Turret Plates fallLumberjack
Ten Minute TurretDestroy the first turret in under 10 minutes


Challenge NameRequirementsTitle Earned
SynergyEarn Challenge Points in the Synergy groupSynergized
Brush FanaticGet takedowns after waiting in a brush with an ally for at least 3 secondsFanatic
Team TakedownGet picks with at least one assisting ally
That Was CloseSave an ally who would otherwise have taken lethal damage with a heal or shieldGuardian Angel
Stun n GunImmobilize an enemy, then take them down with an ally
Insec-urity BreachKnockback an enemy into your team, resulting in a takedownInsec-ticide

Team Spirit

Challenge NameRequirementsTitle Earned
Team SpiritEarn Challenge Points in the Team Spirit groupSpirited
Flawless AceAce the enemy team with no allied deaths
Making the Dream WorkGet takedowns where your entire team participates
Fashionably LateGet takedowns after teleporting to a >4 champion fightParty Crasher


Challenge NameRequirementsTitle Earned
ClashEarn Challenge Points in the Clash groupClash Master
Clash ContendersWin games in ClashClasher
Clash ChampionWin Clash brackets
Coordinated ClashHave Clash logos owned by the entire team
Dream TeamPlay with the same team in different Clash tournaments
ScoreboardFinish with more wins than losses in Clash


Challenge NameRequirementsTitle Earned
SynchronicityEarn Challenge Points in the Synchronicity groupIn Sync
Power PairGet wins with a premade in Ranked Solo/Duo queue
Best Friends ForeverGet wins with the same group of 5 players
Fun with FriendsPlay games with a premade group of any size


Challenge NameRequirementsTitle Earned
HarmonyEarn Challenge Points in the Harmony groupHarmonious
Nowhere to HideAs a premade of 5, win games with 3 or more champions with a global ability
It Has “Ultimate” In the Name!As a premade of 5, win games with 3 or more champions with a large A.O.E. ultimate
We ProtecAs a premade of 5, win games with 3 or more champions with a heal or shield
They Just… Don’t… D.I.E.!As a premade of 5, win games with 3 or more champions with a revive, immunity, zombie
Where’d They Go?As a premade of 5, win games with 3 or more champions with a stealth (camouflage or invisibility count)
We’re Good Over HereAs a premade of 5, win games with 3 or more “poke” champions
Summoners on the RiftAs a premade of 5, win games with 5 champions with a summon or a pet
Variety’s OverratedAs a premade of 5, win games as 5 champions of one class (Assassin, mage, marksmen, tank, support or fighter)
Get Over HereAs a premade of 5, win games with 3 or more champions with a hook
It’s a Trap!As a premade of 5, win games with 3 or more champions with a trap
I’m HelpingAs a premade of 5, win games with 3 or more champions with the ability to create terrain
Hold That PoseAs a premade of 5, win games with 3 or more champions with 2 or more immobilizing spells


Challenge NameRequirementsTitle Earned
GlobetrotterEarn Challenge Points in the Globetrotter groupRuneterran
5 under 5′As a premade 5, win games with 5 champions from Bandle City
All Hands on DeckAs a premade 5, win games with 5 champions from Bilgewater
FOR DEMACIAAs a premade 5, win games with 5 champions from Demacia
Ice, Ice, BabyAs a premade 5, win games with 5 champions from the Freljord
Everybody was Wuju FightingAs a premade 5, win games with 5 champions from Ionia
Elemental, My Dear WatsonAs a premade 5, win games with 5 champions from Ixtal
Strength Above AllAs a premade 5, win games with 5 champions from Noxus
CalculatedAs a premade 5, win games with 5 champions from Piltover
Spooky Scary SkeletonsAs a premade 5, win games with 5 champions from the Shadow Isles
The Sun Disc Never SetsAs a premade 5, win games with 5 champions from Shurima
Peak PerformanceAs a premade 5, win games with 5 champions from Targon
(Inhuman Screeching Sounds)As a premade 5, win games with 5 champions from the Void
Chemtech ComradesAs a premade 5, win games with 5 champions from Zaun

3. Imagination


Challenge NameRequirementsTitle Earned
ARAM AuthorityEarn Challenge Points in the ARAM Warrior, ARAM Finesse and ARAM Champion groupsARAM God
Cleverness and CreativityEarn Challenge Points in the Style, Innovation and Tactician groupsGalaxy Brain

ARAM. Warrior

Challenge NameRequirementsTitle Earned
ARAM. WarriorEarn Challenge Points in the ARAM Warrior groupUnstoppable
D.P.S. ThreatDeal more than 1800 Damage Per Minute
Double DecimationGet two Pentakills in a single ARAM game
Bad MedicineKill opponents who recently received a health pack in ARAMAngel of Mercy
No HidingKill enemies near one of their own turrets in ARAM
ARAM EradicationGet Pentakills in ARAM
Farm Champs Not MinionsGet Takedowns in ARAM
Solo CarryDeal 40% or more of your team’s damage to champions
ARAM LegendGo Legendary

ARAM. Finesse

Challenge NameRequirementsTitle Earned
ARAM. FinesseEarn Challenge Points in the ARAM Finesse groupSwift
Another Day, Another BullseyeHit skillshots on champions in ARAM
Snow DayHit snowballs on champions in ARAMAvalanche
Free MoneyKill minions in ARAM
Free Ticket to BaseSuccessfully Execute times to the outer turret before 10 minutes in ARAM
Pop Goes the PoroCause a Poro to explode in ARAMPoroyalty
It was a … Near-hitDodge skillshots

ARAM. Champion

Challenge NameRequirementsTitle Earned
ARAM ChampionEarn Challenge Points in the ARAM. Champion groupAbyssal
All Random All ChampionsEarn an S- grade or higher on different champions in ARAM
All Random All FlawlessEarn S grades or higher in ARAM
Rapid DemolitionTake the first turret before 5 minutes in ARAM games
Lightning RoundWin ARAM games before 10 minutes
Active ParticipantHave over 90% Kill Participation in ARAM. games
Can’t Touch ThisWin ARAM games without being killed by an enemy champion (you can still be executed)Untouchable
NA-RAMWin ARAM. games


Challenge NameRequirementsTitle Earned
InnovationEarn Challenge Points in the Innovation groupInnovative
Alcove GamingTakedown an enemy champion in the alcoveAlcove Gamer
Plant TacticsKnock yourself and an enemy in different directions with a blast cone
Aggressive PositioningGet multikills shortly after flashing towards an enemy championFlashy
Wave GoodbyeKill 20 minions within three seconds
Not Even CloseSurvive champion combat on single digit healthSurvivor
A Drake and a Hard PlaceKill opponents with help from an Epic monster
Double AceHave both teams be aced in the same fightAce


Challenge NameRequirementsTitle Earned
TacticianEarn Challenge Points in the Tactician groupTactical
Dragon’s FuryGet multikills with Elder Dragon Buff
Nashor SlasherKill Baron Nashor Solo
Target SelectionTakedown junglers near a damaged Epic Monster before it is killed
The DisrespectDo at least 2000 damage to and destroy the enemy nexus times with at least one enemy champion nearby

Machine-Hunting Mercenary

Challenge NameRequirementsTitle Earned
Machine-Hunting MercenaryEarn Challenge Points in the Machine-Hunting Mercenary groupBot Blaster
MalfunctionWin Co-Op vs A.I. Games
Protean OverrideWin a Co-Op vs A.I. Game with different champions
Robo RecallGet Kills in Co-Op vs A.I. Games


Challenge NameRequirementsTitle Earned
Nowhere is safeTake down champions in their fountain
Get On My LevelGet takedowns after getting early level advantage
Under Their NosesRecall while unseen by a nearby champion

4. Veterancy


Challenge NameRequirementsTitle Earned
SageEarn Challenge Points in the Guru, Virtuoso and Ace groupsSage
Medal of HonorEarn Challenge Points in the Executioner, Commando, Resourceful and Mystic groupsVeteran


Challenge NameRequirementsTitle Earned
GuruEarn Challenge Points in the Guru groupGuru
Catch ’em AllHave 150 champions with at least a certain number of Mastery PointsChamp Master
Wise MasterEarn total Mastery Points
One-TrickEarn Mastery Points on a single champion
Master YourselfEarn Mastery 5 on different champions
Master the EnemyEarn Mastery 7 on different championsDeep Diver
Jack of All ChampsWin a game with different champions


Challenge NameRequirementsTitle Earned
VirtuosoEarn Challenge Points in the Virtuoso groupPeerless
Master AssassinGet Mastery 7 on different AssassinsDeathmaster
Master FighterGet Mastery 7 on different FightersWarlord
Master MageGet Mastery 7 on different MagesArchmage
Master MarksmanGet Mastery 7 on different MarksmenDeadeye
Master SupportGet Mastery 7 on different SupportsWarden
Master TankGet Mastery 7 on different TanksJuggernaut


Challenge NameRequirementsTitle Earned
AceEarn Challenge Points in the Ace groupJust Better
Jungle DiffWin games as a JunglerJungle Diff
Support DiffWin games as a SupportSupport Diff
Bot DiffWin games as a Bot CarryBot Diff
Mid DiffWin games as a MidMid Diff
Top DiffWin games as a TopTop Diff
Player DiffWin games queued as fillPlayer Diff


Challenge NameRequirementsTitle Earned
ExecutionerEarn Challenge Points in the Executioner categoryExecutioner
Movin’ On UpWin games of Ranked Solo/Duo or Ranked Flex
Master of the RiftPlay games on Summoner’s Rift. Blind Pick, Draft and Ranked Modes count.
Killing Spree SpreeGet killing sprees
Multikill MadnessGet Multikills
PENTAKIIIIIIIIL!!Get PentakillsPentakiller
Hard Day’s Killin’Get kills
Above-Average AssistanceGet assists
BloodcrazedGet first bloodsBloodthirsty
Legendary LegendBecome Legendary


Challenge NameRequirementsTitle Earned
CommandoEarn Challenge Points in the Commando categoryCommando
Clutch StealSteal Epic MonstersThief
Give ’em Shell, ShellyTake turrets with Rift Herald
Scuttle Along NowKill scuttle crabs
Dine InKill jungle monsters in your own jungle
Dine OutKill jungle monsters in the enemy jungle
Lizard HuntingTakedown Dragons
Wurm FishingTakedown Barons
Dinner’s ReadyTake Turret Plates
Turret TopplerTakedown turrets


Challenge NameRequirementsTitle Earned
ResourcefulEarn Challenge Points from the Resourceful categoryResourceful
Darkness is EverywhereTake down Wards
Little Inanimate SpiesPlace useful Stealth Wards
Goodbye to the Darkness!Place useful Control Wards
Nice TryKill players under your own turret
Multi-Weapon MasterWin with different mythic itemsMythic
Do These Things Have Souls?Kill minions
Everyone Pays!Claim Bounty gold from shutting down opposing championsBounty Hunter
Get Paid, and Get OutEarn Gold


Challenge NameRequirementsTitle Earned
MysticEarn Challenge Points in the Mystic groupEnchanted
Field MedicEffectively heal or shield your allies. Must actually restore health or block damage.Protector
Immediate ImmobilizationImmobilize enemy champions
Ability AbuseUse Abilities

5. Collection


Challenge NameRequirementsTitle Earned
ExperienceEarn Challenge Points in the Experience group
Mile MarkerEarn Eternal milestones
Many Miles to GoAchieve milestone 5 or greater on an Eternal
Well-Rounded TravelerAchieve milestone 15 or greater on an Eternal
Old FriendsAchieve milestones on Eternals for a single champion
Rekindle the Old FurnaceRekindle Eternal sets
Assassin SpecialistRekindle Eternal sets for Assassins
Fighter SpecialistRekindle Eternal sets for Fighters
Mage SpecialistRekindle Eternal sets for Mages
Marksman SpecialistRekindle Eternal sets for Marksmen
Support SpecialistRekindle Eternal sets for Supports
Tank SpecialistRekindle Eternal sets for Tanks


Challenge NameRequirementsTitle Earned
OverachieverEarn Challenge Points in the Overachiever groupOverachiever
EntitledEarn titles from different challengesTitular
RecursiveComplete collection challenges
Challenges are ForeverReach Diamond tier on challenges
Masterful PerformanceReach Master tier on challenges
No Capstone UnturnedReach Gold tier on Capstone challenges


Challenge NameRequirementsTitle Earned
TreasureEarn Challenge Points in the Treasure groupTreasurer
Mascot MayhemEarn Clash icons
Icon of the RiftObtain Summoner iconsIconic
Ward Skin CollectorObtain ward skins
EmotiveObtain emotes


Challenge NameRequirementsTitle Earned
ChampionEarn Challenge Points in the Champion groupCollector
Spice of LifeObtain champions
InvisibleObtain assassin champions
IndomitableObtain fighter champions
IncandescentObtain mage champions
IngeniousObtain marksman champions
InspiringObtain support champions
InvulnerableObtain tank champions


Challenge NameRequirementsTitle Earned
ConnoisseurEarn Challenge Points in the Connoisseur groupConnoisseur
Fashion ForwardObtain champion skins
That DripObtain skins for a single champion
Need a Bigger ClosetCollect 5 or more skins for a champions
Vintage LookCollect legacy champion skins
Victorious RegaliaCollect Victorious champion skinsElegant
Haute CoutureCollect Ultimate champion skins
Formal AttireCollect Mythic champion skins
Legendary WardrobeCollect Legendary champion skinsTrendsetter
Fancy GarbCollectEpic champion skins
FashionistaCollect chromasFashionista

6. Legacy


Challenge NameRequirementsTitle Earned
Been Here a WhileIncrease your summoner level
First to the TopReach region first Challenger in Ranked Solo/Duo in a season
Best of the BestFinish a season at Rank 1 for Solo/Duo

2023 Seasonal

Challange NameRequiremaentsTitle Earned
2023 SeasonalEarn points from the individual challenges belowChallenjour ’23
Brave The DarknessPlace Control Wards
Breakable: 2023Destroy Turrets
Perfect Aim: 2023Hit snowballs on champions
Rise Above the Rest: 2023Be up more levels than role opponent at any point
Objective Secured: 2023Steal two Epic Monsters in one game
Made My Mark: 2023Win after being down 15 kills
Can Run, Can’t Hide: 2023Kill enemies near one of their turrets
Outmanned, Never OutgunnedSecure kills while outnumbered
Death Fears Me: 2023Win games with 0 deaths and at least 30% kill participation
Unstoppable, Unshakable: 2023Win games queued as Fill
Immediate Immobilazation: 2023Immobilize enemies
I Shall Feast: 2023Kill jungle monsters in the enemy jungle
Making History As 5: 2023Get wins with a premade of 5
In Delightful AgonyGet First Bloods
Got your Back: 2023Save an ally with a heal or shield
All In Together: 2023Play with the same team in Clash tournaments
First To Fall: 2023Destroy the first turret in under 10 minutes
Trust Nothing But Me: 2023Get an assist streak of 12+ without dying
Legendary Slayer: 2023Kill Baron Nashor Solo
It’s All me: 2023Deal 40%+ of your team’s champion damage

2022 Seasonal

Challenge NameRequirementsTitle Earned
2022 SeasonalEarn Challenge Points in the 2022 Seasonal groupChallenjour ’22
All Random All Champions: 2022Earn an S- grade or higher on different champions in ARAM
Rapid Demolition: 2022Take the first turret before 5 minutes in ARAM games
Top Performer: 2022Earn S- grades or higher
Unkillable Demon King: 2022Win games without dying
Lane Command: 2022End the early laning phase (7 minutes) with 20% more gold and experience than your lane opponent
Pain Prescriber: 2022Deal the most damage to champions in the game
Prodigy: 2022Become Legendary (eight kill streak) within 15 minutes
One Stone: 2022Kill two players with one ability cast
Solo Bolo: 2022Get solo kills
Crab Wrangler: 2022Take both of the first scuttle crab spawns
All-Seeing: 2022Have over 2 vision score per minute
Clutch Steal: 2022Steal Epic Monsters
Killing Spree Spree: 2022Get killing sprees (you can get multiple, one for killing spree, one more for Rampage, etc)
PENTAKIIIIIIIIL!!: 2022Get Pentakills
Leading by Example: 2022Get an assist streak of 12+ without dying
Soul Sweep: 2022Claim Dragon Souls without the enemy team taking a single dragon
Power Pair: 2022Get wins with a premade in Ranked Solo/Duo queue
Clash Champion: 2022Win Clash brackets

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Soumyo Deb is a League of Legends writer at GameRiv and a dedicated Jungle Main. When he is not writing about the latest League news, he is testing out various off-meta champions in the jungle.