MSI 2022 Draw Results

Shadman Sabik Zaim
By Shadman Sabik Zaim
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The MSI 2022 Draw happened after the TL vs EG series as we now know which teams are facing each other at the tournament.

The MSI 2022 draw show is done and we are not locked in with the groups for the groups stage. There were four pools of teams to draw from. The 11 teams were sorted into 2 groups of 4 and a group of 3. This is because the LCL was not going to be in the MSI due to issues. Hence, Riot decided to run back the format of last year. Let’s talk about the pots for the group draw and how the draw ended up.

The Group Draw

Pots for the MSI draw were decided ahead of time with 3 teams in each pot barring Pot 3. These are the pots as follows.

The Pots for MSI 2022

  • Pot 1: T1, Royal Never Give Up (RNG) , G2 Esports (G2).
  • Pot 2: Evil Geniuses (EG), Saigon Buffalo (SGB), PSG Talon (PSG).
  • Pot 3: fastpay Wildcats (IW) , Team AZE (AZE).
  • Pot 4: Detonation FocusMe (DFM), Red Canids (RED) , ORDER (ORD).

Most of the Pot looked in order based on previous performances. However, Team AZE being Pot 3 instead of Pot 4 is just strange as DFM deserved Pot 3 after making it to Worlds 2021 Groups Stage. Other than that, it seems fine as we are headed to MSI on the 10th.

MSI 2022 Draw
Credit: Riot Games

Group Draw

After the group draw, the groups ended up as shown in the image above and as written below.

  • Group A: T1, SGB, AZE, DFM
  • Group B: RNG, PSG, IW, RED
  • Group C: G2, EG/100T, ORD

We still have the NA representative to be decided tomorrow. Other than that, most of the teams are known. The VCS rep not being shown in the group draw despite the reporting that SGB will go to MSI. Across all reporting from the VCS, GAM will be headed to the SEA games instead of MSI for being selected as the Vietnam representatives for that. Hence, SGB will be participating in MSI instead.

Our Thought on the Groups

Group A and Group B both have a clear favorite but there is no favorite for the 2nd spot for each group. Group C is on the same boat as well as G2 and the NA reps will be favorites to go to the Rumble Stage. Any two teams in Group A or B outside of T1 and RNG can make it to rumble. It’s safe to say we will see the major regions in the Rumble stage along with 1 other team from Group A and B.

In the coming days, we will talk about the groups and teams and so on as MSI will kick off on May the 10th.

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