MSI 2021 is going to Iceland

With many of the Spring Splits going to the latter half of the split, MSI 2021 has been announced to be held in Reykjavík, Iceland.

MSI 2021 has been a topic of contention this year due to the pandemic. Earlier today, it was announced that MSI 2021 is going to be in Reykjavík, Iceland. The tournament will be held in the Laugardalshöll interior sporting arena in Reykjavík. The event is not going to be open to the public and will celebrate the 1972 Ajedrez World Cup. Therefore, there are some changes to the event as well so here is what we know.


There will not be a play-ins phase for MSI 2021. There will still be 12 teams in the event. Also, all 12 teams will participate in the first phase of the event. The teams will be divided into four tiers and then placed in groups for the first phase.

The first phase of the event will be the Groups stage featuring three groups of four teams. Also, it will be a double round-robin system between the teams in their respective groups. The top two teams of each group will qualify for the second phase of the draft.

The second phase of the event will be the Rumble phase. In this phase, the six teams that qualified will play each other in a best-of-1 double robin-robin system. From there, the four teams with the best record will qualify for the third and final phase.

The third and final phase of the event will be the Knockouts stage where there will be two semifinals and a finals match. Each match will be a best-of-five. Furthermore, the first seeded team out of the four will pick either the 3rd or the 4th seeded team as their semifinal opponent.

The tiers of the teams are revealed as:

  • Tier 1: LPL(China), LCK(Korea), LEC(Europe)
  • Tier 2: LCS(North America), PCS(Pacific Championship Series), VCS (Vietnam)
  • Tier 3: CIS (Russia), LLA (Latin America), TCL (Turkey)
  • Tier 4: CBLOL(Brazil), LJL (Japan), LCO (Oceania)

These tiers were decided based on previous international performances.

Other Details

Other than the location and the format, not much has been revealed. Additionally, we know that the event will happen on May 6th until May 22nd. More details should be coming in the following months.

Riot also posted a video on the announcement earlier.

Credit: Riot LoLEsports Youtube

It is nice to see MSI make a return and fans will be raring to see the competition. We will post more info as we get them. MSI 2021 is set to start on May 26th. For the announcement post, follow this link (original post is in Spanish).

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