Most Efficient Fuel Sources for Furnaces in Minecraft

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Here are all the items you can use as fuel as fuel for a furnace in Minecraft.

Minecraft is a survival sandbox game focused on exploration, mining, and building. Players need to kill animals, harvest, collect materials, and cook food in order to survive in Minecraft. Released by Mojang Studio more than a decade ago, Minecraft has become one of the best-selling video games of all time.

In Minecraft, players have to mine for Iron and Gold for better weapons and tools and kill different animals for food. One of the important items for survival in Minecraft is the Furnace. Players can use a Furnace to cook food or even smelt raw materials to obtain refined goods. Players need to use a number of items as fuel in the Minecraft world to cook food and smelt items.

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Here are some of the best items to use as fuel in a furnace in Minecraft.

Best Items in Minecraft to Use as a Fuel

There are more than 60 different fuel sources in Minecraft, and with each update, Mojang adds something different to use as a fuel source in the game. However, I am listing the top 5 best items players can use as fuel for a furnace in Minecraft.

Blaze Rod


Blaze Rods are one of the sources of fuel in Minecraft. One Blaze Rod can smelt exactly 12 items. It is one of the best items to smelt materials or cook food, but the problem with Blaze Rods is that they can be very difficult to obtain.

Blaze Rods are dropped by Blazes, which can only spawn in the Nether Fortress in the Nether. Blazes are flying enemies that shoot fireballs at you from a distance. Most Blazes in Minecraft will drop only one Blaze Rod when you kill them sometimes they don’t drop any at all. They are number seven on the list because they are a good fuel source, but collecting them is a challenging task.



Bamboo is next on the list and can be an excellent fuel source in Minecraft. A single bamboo can smelt 0.25 items, making it the least efficient fuel source in the game. However, bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in Minecraft, and players can grow bamboo easily and harvest it quickly.

Because bamboo can be grown and harvested with little to no effort, it is one of the best items to cook and smelt with a furnace in the game. Players need to collect some bamboo from jungle biomes and plant them, later using them as an unlimited fuel source.

Dried Kelp Block

Dried Kelp Blocks

Dried Kelp Blocks are a good fuel source in Minecraft and can be easily obtained. One dried kelp block can smelt 20 items. Players can harvest kelps quickly because they naturally spawn underwater in the overworld.

You need to collect kelps from the ocean, then smelt them into dried kelps. Once you have enough dried kelps, use the crafting bench and make dried kelp blocks. Kelps are easy to harvest because you can break where they spawn, and they will break off, which is quick and even more effortless to collect. They are high on the list because they can be easily harvested and crafted and can be used to smelt a lot of items.

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Block of Coal

Block of coal

Blocks of coal are an incredible source of fuel in Minecraft. One block of coal can smelt 80 items, and one full stack can smelt up to 5,000 items. Coal can be mined easily in the overworld because it spawns beside mountains, inside caves and mines, or sometimes above ground.

Even though mining coal and making it into a block can be time-consuming, they are one of the best sources of fuel in Minecraft.

Lava Bucket

Lava Bucket

Finally, the Lava Bucket is the best fuel source in Minecraft, and for good reason. A single lava bucket can smelt 100 items and burn much longer than other fuel sources in the game. Unfortunately, you cannot stack lava buckets in the furnace and only use one at a time. Despite that, the sheer volume of materials it can smelt makes it the best fuel source in Minecraft.

To get a Lava Bucket, you need to make a bucket using three iron ingots from the crafting bench and collect lava from a lava pool. Lava buckets become easier to obtain when you have access to the Nether. You can make 10 buckets and go to the Nether and get 10 lava buckets, which is enough fuel to smelt 1000 items and can burn for almost 3 hours.

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