Modern Warfare 3 Players Share “Frustration” on Overpowered Melee Knives

Tahmid Shihab Murshed
By Tahmid Shihab Murshed
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Modern Warfare 3 players are frustrated by overpowered melee knives in every Call of Duty game.

Modern Warfare 3 is the latest entrant to the reboot MW saga. Developed by Sledgehammer Games, MW3 has managed to be a better game than Modern Warfare 2. The new game focuses on everything MW2 broke alongside new in-game features and mechanics.

Weapons this year have been satisfactory for the community, which is rare for most Call of Duty games. However, a certain weapon class managed to get on the nerves of majority of MW3 players. The melee weapon class which includes the Gutter Knife and the Karambit has become an overpowered annoyance of many players.

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Players Frustrated of Melee Knives

While melee has always been a Secondary option used for mobility, this year the knives have become more potent than Shotguns. Specially in close-range gunfights knives can overpower almost all weapon classes.

In a recent Reddit thread by u/Act_0f_Defiance, the poster shared a GIF potraying how a player with knives manages to take down a weapon wielding player every Call of Duty game every year, potraying their frustration at the melee options.

Different Year, Same Thing
byu/Act_0f_Defiance inModernWarfareIII

u/MuiminaKumo shared their take on the melee situation stating that balancing a melee option in a game like Call of Duty has always been hard. In the current iteration, melee weapons have insane lunging ability, however at longer ranges the melee wielders are free kills in almost every situation.

byu/Act_0f_Defiance from discussion

u/craig536 shared the same frustration as most users where melee weapons end up being overpowered in the map Shipment. As Shipment is a very tightly packed map, any close range weapon becomes an instant annoyance for most players.

byu/Act_0f_Defiance from discussion

While melees have always been a hard thing to balance in most games, the ones in Call of Duty have always been a high risk high reward thing. Any player running knives ends up getting an instant kill at close ranges, however ends up dying just as quick at longer ranges. The balancing of melee weapons will also be a matter of debate every year, which is the case for Modern Warfare 3.

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