Modern Warfare 3: How to Fix Camos Not Tracking Issue

Mehraj Mahdin
By Mehraj Mahdin
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Credit: Activision

Camouflage tracking stats in Modern Warfare 3 weapons are a bit buggy, and players are not happy with the same old problems.

Sledgehammer Games had the honor of making this year’s Call of Duty. Modern Warfare 3 is a bit of nostalgia as well as a look to the future. With multiplayer being a big focus of recent COD games, it is frustrating that players have a camo-tracking issue.

Modern Warfare 2 at launch had similar issues as well, and players aren’t happy with the recurring issues in the game, even in MW3. However, the issues are here, and until they are fixed, you might be frustrated.

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What are the Camos in MW3?

Modern Warfare 3 has certain camouflage finishes for all of its weapons. Moreover, these finishes are not purchasable, so you have to grind to complete them. For the completionist, this is a very rewarding grind, as the camo is very difficult to obtain but looks sublime compared to other more generic alternatives.

MW3 Mastery Camos
MW3 Mastery Camos: Gilded, Forged, Priceless, Interstellar // Activision

This is why, when players are facing multiple MW3 Camos tracking issues, it becomes a big deal. A user on Reddit has shared his frustration regarding the recurring issues.

MW3 Camos not tracking progress
“Here we go again…Camos not tracking” – u/TulTheLamee

How to Fix the MW3 Camo Tracking Bug?

Unfortunately, some of these tracking errors have a history of being forgotten as more pressing bugs and fixes are needed for the game. Users talk about many weapons whose challenges were bugged and took close to a month to be fixed. As of now, there is no surefire way to fix all of these tracking issues. However, there might be a workaround.

If your tracking is locked or not progressing in a certain game mode, you can try to use the weapon in a different game mode. Try switching between multiplayer, warzone, and zombies to see if the stats are being tracked. You can also try to restart the game and verify the game files.

Other than that, you have to hope that your favorite weapon isn’t bugged right now and Sledgehammer Games ships out hotfixes as soon as possible! Keep your eyes on Activision and Sledgehammer Games’ Twitter handles for quick updates.

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