Modern Warfare 3: All Game Modes Available on Launch

Tahmid Shihab Murshed
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Modern Warfare 3 has many new and returning game modes available for players to jump in on launch day.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 will feature a revamped multiplayer inspired by Modern Warfare (2019). Moreover, the multiplayer mode will pay homage to classic Infinity Ward games by introducing classic maps on launch.

While maps have been a large part of the game’s ongoing hype, players are left curious about the game modes they can play with the game’s full release. Sledgehammer Games’ recent intel drops discuss the game modes available on day one of Modern Warfare 3. Let’s look at all the new and returning game modes.

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All Game Modes Available on Launch at Modern Warfare 3

Modern Warfare 3 features many new and returning game modes that will be available on day one:

  • Control

Control is an objective-based game mode where players must capture two points in three waves. Both teams in control game mode have a limited set of lives, which, upon depletion, causes the team to lose.

  • Cutthroat

Cutthroat is a round-based 3v3v3 objective game mode with a moving flag. The game will feature a 3-way fight for players. It is the first-of-its-kind game mode in Call of Duty, and it was shown in the CoD Next 2023 event.

Modern Warfare 3 Game Modes
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  • Domination

The classic game mode is where two teams have to capture three flags. Capturing each flag contributes to the game’s point system.

  • Free-for-All

This game mode is for solo players, where each player fights for themself. The first player to reach 30 points wins the game mode.

  • Hardpoint

The Hardpoint is an objective-based game mode where players have to capture a rotating control point. The first team to reach 250 points by staying on each point wins the game mode. It is a Ranked Play game mode.

Modern Warfare 3 Game Modes
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  • Headquarter

Headquarters is a game mode like Hardpoint. However, it has a lockdown timer. Upon the timer’s depletion, spawns for both teams are turned off. It is one of the most hardcore normal game modes in CoD.

  • Kill Confirmed

It’s a simple game mode where each eliminated player drops a dog tag after getting eliminated. Both teams must collect these dog tags to reach the in-game winning point.

  • Search and Destroy

Search and Destroy is the most played game mode in CoD. In this game mode, one team must plant a bomb in one of two sites, and the other team must aim to defuse it. Eliminating a whole team will also trigger the completion of the round.

Modern Warfare 3 Game Modes
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  • Team Deathmatch

The team deathmatch is a basic game mode where players are divided into teams, and they go on to fight each other on the map. The first team to reach the endpoint goal wins the game mode.

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