Modern Warfare 2 Players Want Map Voting to Return

Players demand the map voting feature to return in Modern Warfare 2. The mass demand has risen from the few bad maps in the game.

Call of Duty is the most played arcade shooter in the world. The game has evolved, introducing new gameplay features and game modes. One of the most loved features of CoD titles was the map voting system.

The map voting system allows players in the lobby to select their following map when a match is over. This essentially created a better game flow. All players in the lobby could vote to choose their map of liking.

Map voting has been absent from the game for the past five years, mainly due to the lobby disbanding system of the recent CoDs. The absence of this favorite community feature has disallowed players to skip the “bad” maps they do not like.

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Should Map Voting Return?

In a recent Reddit thread, a user named u/KraKraten raised the issue about map voting. The thread was met with agreement from most players.

The OP proposed two map voting systems, one from the classic MW2 and another from MW3. The first map voting system allowed players to vote for the next map, if it got enough yes votes, it moved the map, or another map was chosen. On the other hand, in MW3, players could choose from 2 maps displayed on the screen.

Another user added that Treyarch’s map voting system might also be feasible. Treyarch’s map voting system allows players to choose from the next, previous, and random maps.

Although no map voting system exists, players have invented a makeshift way to vote for their maps. Most players just back out of the map if they don’t like playing it.

Players have been begging for many in-game features that IW does not acknowledge. MW2 has a high potential of becoming the best CoD title of this decade. However, it is impossible until IW adds community-demanded features starting with map voting.

Stay frosty, and hopefully, IW might consider adding a map voting system, as that will allow them to identify the bad maps and rework them for a better community perception.

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