Modern Warfare 2 Player shares the “Perfect” Optic Selection UI

MW2 player has shared their revamped take on the optic selection UI. The photoshopped UI looks miles better than the one in the game currently.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare (2019) introduced a brand new gunsmith, which has become a staple of CoD titles. The gunsmith allows players to modify their weapons according to their playstyles with various attachments.

Most weapons in MW2 come with a primary iron sight. While iron sights remain the best choice for competitive advantage, a few guns require sights for added precision. However, the current optic selection UI fails to show a preview of what the optic looks like.

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The Perfect Optic Selection UI

The current optic selection in the game makes it confusing for players to understand what optic they are equipping on their gun. Some guns require a thick dot, while others require a thin dot. While the optic selection shows the name but not what the reticle looks like or its color.

Surprisingly, in a recent Reddit thread by u/TotallyUniqueName4, the user shared the optic selection UI with a revamped look. From the looks of it, the selection screen looks a lot better than the current one.

Optic Selection UI
Image via u/TotallyUniqueName4

Players were quick to share their agreement with the selection screen. Most of the comments in the thread were incredibly appreciative of the new UI.

Another user highlighted how MW (2019) implemented a 3D inspection in the loadout screen, allowing players to see the sights or optics they chose.

The current UI’s complexity points towards the failure of the UI/UX designer from Hulu. Most players were skeptical of the UI designer, as a streaming service’s UI and the game’s UI are entirely different.

Hopefully, Infinity Ward will look at the community posts and implement these features in the game. The increase in the efficiency of gunsmithing will, in turn, simplify the whole process for their players.

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