Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0 Season 1 Overview

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Call of Duty: MW2 and Warzone 2.0 season 1 update is coming soon. Here’s an in-depth look at everything coming this season.

Infinity Ward will soon release the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 updates. With the update, players are getting new game modes, maps, playlist updates, weapons and attachment adjustments, and bug fixes.

Players will get new game modes – Raid and DMZ, four new weapons, perk, and equipment changes. The patch will be available for players starting November 16 at 9 AM PT/12 PM ET/4 pm UK.

The update will introduce the new Raid and DMZ game mode, where players can complete challenges to get their hands on new blueprints and rewards. Furthermore, players are getting new weapon platforms. This is the first significant update for Modern Warfare 2 and the launch of the highly anticipated Warzone 2.0.

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A New Era Begins

Starting on November 16, Season 1 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0 will deliver action on all fronts: the next iteration of the massive free-to-play Battle Royale experience featuring the much-anticipated DMZ mode, reimagined maps in Multiplayer, and an additional Special Ops mission before the first Raid Episode. There will be plenty of content across both games through the all-new Battle Pass, football-themed events, and more.

Season 1 for Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0 goes live on November 16 at 10 AM PT. Modern Warfare 2 will receive its Season 1 update on November 14 at 10 AM PT. All platforms can preload Warzone 2.0 starting November 14 at 10 AM PT.

Welcome to Al Mazrah — New Big Map

Central to the Modern Warfare 2 universe, the city of Al Mazrah within the United Republic of Adal is your first battleground for Warzone 2.0. For example, the following Multiplayer maps are subsections of this massive region:

  • Al Bagra Fortress (Core Map)
  • Embassy (Core Map)
  • Zarqwa Hydroelectric (Core Map)
  • Taraq (both Core and Battle Map)
  • Sariff Bay (Battle Map)
  • Sa’id (Battle Map)

Loadouts Are Not Leaving

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Custom Loadouts are back for Warzone 2.0. Similar to the original Call of Duty: Warzone, Loadouts play a significant role in what makes this game unique, and in this new era, players will have quicker access to their Loadout’s primary benefit: the Primary Weapon. There are three ways to earn a Loadout or at least a Primary Weapon:

  • Shops – Players can use in-match Cash at the Shops (the new name for the Buy Station) to purchase their Primary Weapon from their created Loadouts.
  • Loadout Drop Public Event – Loadout Drops will drop into Al Mazrah in the middle of Battle Royale matches. However, these are not limited or assigned to individual squads but can be accessed by any players.
  • Strongholds and Black Sites – Players can also earn their Loadout in the early game as a reward for clearing a Stronghold or a Black Site.

Additionally, in-match Cash can purchase Primary Weapons from created Loadouts.


Here is the full roster of vehicles players can expect to find in Al Mazrah:

ATV: Nimble three-seater with little protection

UTV: All-terrain lightweight four-seater.

Hatchback: Four-door civilian vehicle without any significant protection.

SUV (Standard): All-terrain civilian 4×4 with a boxy frame.

GMC Hummer EV: All-electric super truck engineered for off-road.

Cargo Truck: Large industrial vehicle with a flatbed.

Light Helo: Twin-engine light helicopter for rapid traversal and combat support.

Heavy Chopper: Heavily armored search-and-rescue helicopter.

RHIB: Maneuverable, a tactical boat designed for Special Forces.

Armored Patrol Boat: Reinforced underwater vehicle with mounted .50 Cal machine guns.

Vehicle Fuel, Gas Station Mechanic

No more unlimited fuel sources — all vehicles (yes, including the EV) use fuel over time, and when it runs out, that vehicle is no longer usable. Vehicles can be refilled either with Gas Cans found around the map or at Gas Stations. Gas Stations can also repair body damage and tires, restoring vehicle health. However, Operators can also perform flat tire repairs anywhere in the world by interacting with individual tires.


In addition to traditional Warzone modes – Battle Royale Solos, Duos, Trios, and Quads – Warzone 2.0 will launch with a brand-new experience known as DMZ. DMZ is an open-world, narrative-focused extraction mode where Operator squads have free rein to complete faction-based missions, take on additional side objectives, engage with enemy Operators or AI combatants, and search for valuable items, all while fighting to survive toward exfiltration.


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  • Shoot House, Shipment Set for Reimagined Return. “Prepare to finish out those camo challenges or just embrace the frantic chaos these action-packed maps provide.”
  • Open the CDL Moshpit. “Before introducing Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Mode in a future Season, practice on the official maps and ruleset with your squad.”
  • New Special Ops Mission, Raid Episode 1 In-Season. “Grab your Duo and assault the enemy on land and in the air before gearing up to continue the Modern Warfare 2 story in a daunting Raid experience.”

Shoot the Ship II — Shoot House at Launch, Shipment Mid-Season

Shoot House (Launch)

Shoot House
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Situated in the jungles south of Las Almas, the Shoot House’s new home was built for training cartel hired guns with the same level of intensity as Mexican Special Forces Operators. This live-fire facility is just as deadly as you remember – a small, three-lane map conducive to all playstyles.

Shipment (Mid-Season)

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Set on a cargo ship taking on water in a storm-ridden part of the Atlantic Ocean, a new Shipment is ready to bring back the chaos that only an ultra-compact map can provide.

Four New Weapons, Two Free in Battle Pass

Victus XMR Sniper Rifle — Imperatorium Platform (Launch, Battle Pass)

Victus XMR Sniper Rifle
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Hard-hitting, bolt-action sniper rifle with .50 cal BMG ammunition. Its tungsten sabot-tipped bullets are fast and powerful but require precise shots over long distances.

How to unlock: Free weapon within the Battle Pass

BAS-P SMG — Bruen Ops Platform (Launch, Battle Pass)

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An aggressive fire rate and modular frame make the BAS-P perfect for the discerning operator who wants to customize their submachine gun. Subsonic ammo hides kill skulls from the enemy team.

How to unlock: Free weapon within the Battle Pass.

Chimera Assault Rifle — Bruen Ops Platform (Mid-Season)

Chimera Assault Rifle
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The Chimera is adept at close-quarters combat with an integrated suppressor and slow, high-energy .300 BLK rounds. Subsonic Ammo hides skulls from the enemy team.

How to unlock: Store Bundle or Weapon Unlock Challenge.

M13B Assault Rifle — Bruen Ops Platform (Launch)

M13B Assault Rifle
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The M13B features a short-stroke piston system that allows for a high rate of fire and low recoil.

How to unlock: Store Bundle or Weapon Unlock Challenge

Persistent Prestige

Beginning in Season 1, reaching Rank 56 will unlock Prestige 1. This will grant an Emblem, additional rewards, and a set of challenges – complete those challenges to unlock an exclusive Calling Card. Season 1 includes four more Prestige Ranks, which also unlock a new set of challenges and rewards:

  • Prestige 2: Unlocked at Rank 100
  • Prestige 3: Unlocked at Rank 150
  • Prestige 4: Unlocked at Rank 200
  • Prestige 5: Unlocked at Rank 250 and is the level cap until the end of Season 1.

At the end of Season 1, players can continue ranking up from wherever they ended up on the Prestige Ranks. This allows players who may not have enough time to level up to catch up in later seasons while not resetting the progress of anyone who reached the Max Rank during that season.

Season 1 Roadmap for MW2 and Warzone 2.0

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Infinity ward is planning great things ahead. Hopefully, more content will come to Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0 in the future. So, follow our Call of Duty Twitter account to stay updated with the latest CoD news, tips, and tricks.

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