Modern Warfare 2: How To Fix “Data Is Corrupt Error”

A common ‘Your Data is Corrupt Error’ has been troubling the MW2 Community since its launch on PC and PS5. This article will discuss why it occurs and how you can fix it.

Modern Warfare 2 is a long-awaited title in 2022. After the massive success of its predecessor MW 2019, players have been pretty excited to get their hands on this AAA title game. And after a series of beta testing, the MW2 is officially released on PC, PS, and XBOX.

However, like any other game, the launch of MW2 hasn’t been smooth. Currently, MW2 is facing lots of bugs, glitches, and stability issues preventing players from enjoying the game. When millions of players try a new game immediately after launch, things like such are expected.

Recently, many players have complained about a peculiar ‘Data is Corrupt Error’ that is making players pretty frustrated. This error code comes up for some users while booting the game, preventing them from playing the campaign or other game modes.

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What is Data is Corrupt Error?

Although the ‘Data is Corrupt Error’ can occur on PC, it is mainly a PS5-exclusive issue. It started appearing to players after the 1.03 update. Your ‘data is corrupt error or didn’t download properly‘ issue also has the following message: “You must reset your ranks and unlocks. [Reason: NIAMEY – LEE],” which makes this case more concerning.

However, this is only a bug and can be solved on both PC and PS5 by following a few simple steps.

How to Fix Data is Corrupt Error in MW2

As there is no option to verify or validate game files in PS5, you can not actually repair the game files to fix corrupt data. However, this error is just a bug in PS5, meaning your data isn’t corrupted anyway. Fortunately, the Reddit community has found some workarounds to fix the Data is Corrupt error in MW2.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

For PS5 Users:

  • FIX 1 – Go Offline
    • Confirming going offline by turning off the internet connection works to allow the campaign to resume.
  • FIX 2 – On-Demand Texture Streaming
    • Launch the game and head over to Settings > Graphics.
    • Then turn off the toggle next to On-Demand Texture Streaming.
    • Check if it fixes the “Your data is corrupt” error in COD Modern Warfare 2.
  • FIX 3 – Use the Settings tweak
    • Press the setting button to go to the Settings tab.
    • Then head over to quick settings or any other subcategory.
    • Now press the circle to exit the settings.
    • You should now be taken to the early access campaign.

For PC Users:

For PC users, validating or repairing the game files should fix ‘Data is Corrupt Error.’

  • For Steam Users
    • Go to Steam Library and select Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.
    • Click on the Settings icon from the right side of your screen.
    • Go to properties > Local Files and click on Verify the integrity of the files.
    • Wait for your game files to repair.
    • After it is done repairing, restart Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.
  • For Users
    • Open the launcher and select Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.
    • Click the Settings icon.
    • Click on Scan and Repair.
    • Wait for your game files to Scan and Repair.
    • After it is done repairing, restart Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

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There you go! Following these steps carefully should fix the Data is Corrupt Error in Modern Warfare 2. However, if you still face Data is Corrupt Error problems after following all these steps, you should contact Activision support and wait for them to release a permanent fix.

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