Mirror agent restriction won’t be available in VALORANT any time soon, Riot dev suggests

A recent comment made by a VALORANT developer suggests Riot won’t include mirror agent restrictions any time soon.

In a recent Reddit comment thread, one of the devs at Riot mentioned that they will consider an agent pick ban in VALORANT only after adding at least 30 agents in the game. Since Riot Games already stated that they plan to introduce at least 6 agents per year, it will take some time before such a ban system could be implemented.

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And just like the agent ban system, Riot dev claims a mirror agent restriction is not coming to the game anytime soon since there are still not enough agents in the game for that system to be viable.

No mirror agents in VALORANT

Restricting mirror agents means players won’t be able to use the same character on both sides. This could open the door for more experimentation. Thus, it should theoretically create a more diverse agent meta.

Furthermore, it would force teams to experiment with agents that are not currently in the meta. The overall viewership experience could also be better since fans would get to witness matchups between different agents rather than the same Jett vs Jett duels every time.

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According to Riot’s agent release schedule, we might have to wait a couple of years before Riot can effectively implement both an agent ban and mirror agent restriction system in VALORANT.

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