Meet Your Maker: Traps Explained

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By Tanim Hasan
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Credit: Behaviour Interactive

Meet Your Maker has many different kinds of traps you can place to stop other people from succeeding. Here is everything you need to know about all the traps in the game.

Meet Your Maker is a game where you can raid other people’s outposts for different materials. And on top of that, you will also have your own outpost. You need to customize the outpost in a way so that you can kill the people raiding your outpost.

The game is completely community driven and doesn’t have any level of its own. But it provides you with a lot of tools to build the outpost. Traps are a part of it. If you want to stop a raider in their track, a well-placed trap is a necessity. Thus, you will have to know what each of the traps does in the game.

Knowing each of the traps will help you decide the best place to put them while building your outpost. A well-placed trap can easily catch a raider and kill them. So we have compiled all the traps and explained how they work in this article.

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All Traps Explained in Meet Your Maker

There are nine different traps in Meet Your Maker. They can be broadly separated into two categories: Single-use and Multi-use traps. Single-use traps will only fire once and have the potential to one hit kill, while multi-use traps are less dangerous, but they can get reset after a cooldown. That being said, let us go through all the traps one by one to break down how they work.


This is a single-use trap that shoots a volley of bolts when activated. This trap is pretty easy to use and popular because of its long range. You can combine this trap with other traps to make a deadly combo.

Bomb Ejector

Bomb Ejector is another single-use trap that releases a bunch of bombs that bounce until the timer runs out and they explode. This trap is not very good unless combined with other traps or placed sneakily to catch an unsuspecting raider. But it becomes one of the best once you combine it with different traps. But you need to keep in mind the bombs from this trap will also destroy any nearby traps or enemies you have placed.

Credit: Behaviour Interactive

Corrosive Cube

A corrosive cube is one of the traps that cannot be destroyed. It will kill any raider unfortunate enough to step on it. But the downside of this trap is it’s very easily recognizable. Thus avoiding it is not usually too much of a problem. Still, there are some creative ways to make use of this to catch players.

Death Piston

Death Piston is a common trap we have all seen in various games. A piston will push a block at an interval and crash everything in its path. This trap doesn’t need to be activated. It will always run at a certain interval. This makes it a great tool to distract the raider and make him fall for other nearby traps.


Holocube is basically a disappearing block. This block will disappear when the raider approaches it. Since it doesn’t do any direct damage, it can be combined with different traps to catch a raider off guard and kill him.


Impaler is one of the versatile traps you can use in Meet Your Maker. This trap shoots out spikes to impale anything in its path. The easiest way to use them is to place them around the corner or in an incline to catch the raider. However, for more experienced players, you’ll need to come up with something creative to catch them.

Meet Your Maker: Traps Explained
Credit: Behaviour Interactive


An incinerator can be an annoying trap for the raider to deal with. This trap spews fire when the raider comes in the range of activation. After the trap is triggered, it will stay active until it is destroyed. Combining with other tools like traps also helps the incinerator boosts its usefulness.

Iron Claw

Iron Claw is the 2nd trap on this list that doesn’t deal direct damage. But it is extremely useful while building the outpost. If the name is not a giveaway already, it is a claw that catches the raider and holds them in place until the trap is destroyed. This trap has extreme synergy with many different traps. So make sure to use it whenever you get the chance.

Plasma Sentinel

Plasma Sentinel is one of the most annoying traps for a raider to deal with because of its area denial capabilities. This trap shoots a plasma ball that can stick to the surface it touches. The plasma ball will remain on the surface for some time before it disappears. And to make things even better, this trap continuously shoots these plasma balls. The only reliable way to get rid of it is by destroying it.

These are all the traps Meet Your Maker has to offer for now. There are rumors that the Devs will soon be adding more items in the game in various DLC content.

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