All Dead by Daylight x Meet Your Maker Codes

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Dead by Daylight’s collaboration with Meet Your Maker has brought out exciting Codes to get you exceptional items in the game. This guide will show you all the codes.

Dead by Daylight is a survival and horror game which is also asymmetric. In this game, you can play as the Killer, and the other 4 people will play as Survivors. If you play as the Killer, you must get your defeated Survivor on the Sacrificial Hook to please your Entity.

In the Dead by Daylight game, players need to complete the game by surviving or killing enemies, and also the most crucial part is to repair at least five generators out of the seven generators spread out in the game. In this game, you must collect resources and weapons to advance and level up quickly. Dead by Daylight recently collaborated with Meet Your Maker to bring exclusive Cosmetic Codes for the game.

Dead by Daylight X Meet Your Maker has created a few codes that surprise the players. These Codes will get your Costumes, Charms, and much more to level up quickly in the game, and also the developers have also collaborated to make the game more exciting to the players.

March 5, 2024: We checked for new and working codes.

No new codes.

All Dead by Daylight x Meet Your Maker Codes

All the Codes in Dead by Daylight x Meet Your Maker Codes are down below:

CodesApplicable Characters
NOTATRAPElodie, Haddie, Johan, Mikaela, and Yun-Jin.
METMYMAKER Claudette, Dwight, Jake, Meg, and Nea.
HRVFANCLUBFelix, Jane, Jeff, Yui, and Zarina.
HONORARYCUSTODIANAce, Adam, David, Feng, and Kate.
Dead by Daylight x meet your maker codes

These Codes will help you get the Protective Shirts for the abovementioned characters.

To redeem the items via Codes, go to Menu, visit the in-game store, and type the Codes in the Code section.

But some of the items cannot be got with Codes like,

  • The Survivor Meg Thomas gets the Pentekath’s Suit costume.
  • The Huntress gets the Toothed Axe weapon.
  • The Trapper gets the Crunching Blade weapon.
  • The Wraith gets the Biomechanical Spine weapon.

You must have the Meet Your Maker PS Plus Deal to get these items you cannot get via Codes.

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