Meet Your Maker: Base Building Guide

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Meet Your Maker: Base Building Guide

Here’s the base building guide from scratch in Meet Your Maker.

Meet Your Maker is a thrilling game that plunges players into a post-apocalyptic world, where they can either build their own outpost or raid other players’ creations in search of precious genetic material. With an innovative first-person perspective, players can shift between acting as a cunning trap designer or a daring infiltrator, each time learning new strategies to overcome challenges and claim victory.

Drawing inspiration from popular games such as Minecraft, Overlord, and Warhammer 40,000, Meet Your Maker offers a wealth of options for players to customize their experience. They can choose from a vast array of skills, layouts, tools, and weapons to ensure that their outpost is a formidable fortress or that their raid is an unstoppable force. So, basically, It’s like a virtual version of The Hunger Games, only with less food and more explosions.

While Meet Your Maker offers plenty of information to help new players get started, building a base or infiltrating another player’s stronghold can still be daunting. Luckily, there are tips and tricks to help players navigate the dangers and succeed in their quest for survival. And that is all we will be talking about today. Hop in!

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Base Building Guide in Meet Your Maker

base building meet your maker

Step 1

You’ll need to find the perfect Burial Site, providing you with valuable resources such as hardware, guards, weapons, traps, and suits. However, each site has limited resources, so you’ll need to gather as much as you can before it runs out.

base building meet your maker

You will also need to consider the capacity of the site, which will determine how much you can build within its confines. The bigger the capacity, the more intricate your base can be. And don’t forget that the price of the site is relative to its capacity, so choose wisely. With enough resources and a killer design, you just might bury the competition.

Step 2

Once you purchase a site, you can only view it in build mode. You can use the directional keys to fly across the site and assess the layout. The Genetic Material or GenMat site is fixed and connected to the edge of the site with a bridge of blocks for your Harvester to gather resources. As the Burial Sites for Outposts come pre-built with extra blocks, it is better to remove the blocks to make more room.

base harvester meet your maker

It’s important to plan the layout of your outpost with the Harvester’s path in mind. Moreover, building walls and tunnels can help to make it difficult for Raiders to navigate your outpost. I would suggest placing various traps throughout your outpost in unique combinations. As it will create blind spots and distract the raiders, you can effectively catch intruders.

Step 3

Now, start by building the base for the GenMat. Watch out that you do not block the Harvester’s path by any chance, or it’ll be useless. Also, keep in mind that the raiders can grapple upwards, so don’t leave any side of your base exposed. And don’t bother making a complicated maze; raiders will just follow the Harvester anyway.

base building meet your maker

Place traps strategically, and consider upgrading them to make them even trickier. You can also hire guards to stand around and look tough. Once you’ve set up your defenses, get creative with the exterior by adding more blocks and props.

base traps meet your maker

However, adding mods to your traps and guards can give you the edge you need to defend your outpost. From faster guards to trickier traps, the possibilities are endless. Just ensure you don’t exceed your site capacity, or your base will crumble like a poorly built wall trap.

base guards meet your maker

Step 4

After you have completed constructing your base, you will have the option to activate it for raiding. There are three types of activation to choose from, each with its own set of features.

Active is the first activation type, allowing other players to raid your base and earn progression. However, if they successfully steal your GenMat, you will not lose them.

The second activation type is Overdrive, which also permits other players to raid your base and earn progression. The only difference is that if raiders are successful in stealing your GenMat, you will lose them.

Lastly, the Social activation type enables only people on your Social Raid list to raid your base. No resources will be lost or gained, and no progression will be earned.

It is important to carefully consider which activation type to choose based on your objectives and willingness to take risks. And that completes the basic building guides in Meet Your Maker. Cheerio!

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