Meet Your Maker: All Upgrades

Tanim Hasan
By Tanim Hasan
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Credit: Behaviour Interactive

Meet Your Maker has a lot of upgrades you can buy as you play the game. Here are all the upgrades you can get.

Meet Your Maker takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where you play as a raider. But that is not all; along with raiding, you will also be building your own base for other people to raid. Depending on your raids and how many kills you have with your base, you will be awarded different materials to purchase and upgrade your equipment.

Since you have to do both building and raiding in the game, several items for both purposes can be bought and upgraded. The game has five different characters for all your needs. Each of them specializes in a certain sector of upgrades.

Along with new weapons and upgrades, these five people can also give your boosts in different areas. But you need to ensure you are using the boosts to their full potential as it doesn’t last very long and needs resources to activate. That being said, here are all the upgrades in Meet Your Maker.

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All Upgrades in Meet Your Maker

Meet Your Maker gives the player a home base. This is a safe place where you, as a player, can cash in for all the resources you have collected. Then these resources can be used to upgrade or buy new items. There are five different NPCs who act as upgrade vendors in the game. Let’s go through each of them:

  • Metamorph – For Guards/Enemy placement of your Outpost.
  • Prosarmagi – For your Suits.
  • Porta – For Traps of your Outpost.
  • Elpida – For Grenades and other consumables/throwables.
  • Chrona – For any weapon and shield.

As we can see, the upgrades focus on raiding as well as different elements of the base building. Metamorph upgrades focus on improving the enemies you can place on your Outpost, while Porta upgrades the traps you can place.

And if we are talking about raiding upgrades, you can get five different weapons and upgrade them from Chrona. Besides that, the grenades, portable shields, and respawn beacons can be purchased from Elpida. She excels in the consumable side of things.

As for Prosarmagi, he will focus on your suit. The suit has many different upgrades, and a better suit is essential for longer raids. Also, you can buy new suits from him too.

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