Riot Confirms Marksmen Changes Coming In Wild Rift Patch 4.2

Soumyo Deb
By Soumyo Deb
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Riot Games have unveiled that the marksmen class would receive a massive update in patch 4.2.

Since the release of Wild Rift, Riot has constantly been balancing the game. It is so that all roles can be equally viable and fun to play with. But the game becomes more tedious if one role becomes too dominant or weak.

Because of it, we have seen some very influential role adjustments and reworks in past patches. For example, earlier in 2022, Riot made several adjustments to the support role. Moreover, they have added new items and runes to complement the role entirely. Even today, champions like Rakan, Nami, Karma, & Thresh became top picks because of these changes.

Afterward, in patch 3.5, Riot reworked jungle to make the role more player friendly. In that patch, they added a new buff-sharing mechanic where after a certain period of a match, if a jungle kills either blue or red buff, they can share that buff with one of their teammates. However, Riot removed the red or challenging smite in the same patch. They reasoned that barely anybody picked the red smite over the blue or chilling smite. Similarly, they added many other quality-of-life changes to the jungle.

And in the last patch, 4.0, Riot reworked the tank class. Before, tank items didn’t provide enough utility for a team. And in most cases, a tank was even a burden that a team didn’t want to carry. Because of that reason, Riot provided some much-needed buffs to tanks and added some new tank items. All the more recent items were well-liked except for Abyssal Mask, which was very unpopular. But in patch 4.1, Riot added several new tank items and reworked Abyssal Mask and Force of Nature. And they confirmed it would be the last major tank update for now.

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Wild Rift Patch 4.2: Marksmen Update

In the current meta, besides tank, Marksmen are the weakest role in the game. Only a few ADC are prominent, like Lucian, Kai’Sa, Tristana, and Samira. Besides them and a couple of others, not many marksmen are viable. The main reason is the lack of significant updates for the class.

The last time this class received a major update was patch 3.2. Riot added two new keystones in that patch that will fundamentally shift the ADC meta. These two runes are Lethal Tempo and Kraken Slayer. All top ADCs, including those mentioned earlier, use one of these two runes.

And that patch was released in May 2022, and ever since then, ADC has been falling below the meta. Because of it, Riot confirmed in their newest preview video that they would adjust the marksmen class in patch 4.2.

YouTube video

This update could mean many things. But we can indeed say that we will be receiving some new items, as well as some items rework in that update.

Release Date

The marksmen changes will hit live servers in Wild Rift in patch 4.2, scheduled to release on May 11, 2023.

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