All Maggie Adler Letter Locations in Oxenfree 2: Lost Signal

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All Maggie Adler Letter Locations in Oxenfree 2: Lost Signal

Discover the collectible letters from Maggie Adler that are scattered throughout the Camena.

Set out on a mission to collect all Maggie Adler’s letters that are hidden across the Camena. In these letters, there seems to be some information source that was unknown before. Information that can shed insight into the story’s events and let the players engage to discover more of the Camena.

These letters are quite easy to find as they give off a distinctive white sheen. And to dig out these letters from their grave, you need proper tools and materials. There are almost Thirteen of them in total, scattered around to be found. These discoveries give you another perspective of the plot and some trophies to commemorate the achievement. And yes, these letters are quite essential, and I do recommend collecting all of them. Let’s get to know more about Maggie Adler’s letters’ locations without further ado. Hop in!

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All Maggie Adler Letter Locations

Maggie Adler’s LetterLocationDirectionLetter Set
Adler’s Letter #01Uptown HarborUnder the flagpole of the town directly above the general store.Mel Chapman Set
Adler’s Letter #01Funnie’s Parking LotBy the telephone at the market.Ingrid White Set
Adler’s Letter #01Copper Creek TrailLook out for the trail junction and climb up the cliff on your right.Mel Chapman Set
Adler’s Letter #01Pemmican TrailheadClimb down from that cliff and head left until you reach the Pemmican Trailhead area. From there, take the first left.Mel Chapman Set
Adler’s Letter #01Camber CapeWatch out for an animal burrow to your right on your way to the top of the hill.J.B. Set
Adler’s Letter #01Point TiliaHead to the bottom-left end of Point Tilia and then climb down. From there, follow the trail on the left across the waterfall. This will lead you to an edge. Climb down from there.J.B. Set
Adler’s Letter #01Point TiliaHead up towards the ranger station in the upper-left corner. Look out for the noticeboard, and head past the right path from there. Continue from this path.Ingrid White Set
Adler’s Letter #01Tootega FallsHead to the Tootega waterfall and reach down to the river.J.B. Set
Adler’s Letter #01Horseshoe BeachHead back to the Horseshoe Beach and climb down to the sand. From there, walk towards the left side of the beach. However, you need to confront Charlie at the waterfall first.Kenneth Young Set
Adler’s Letter #01Waterhead BluffsSolve the mining puzzle and escape from the cave. Climb the ladder and a cliff next to reach the next cave. Watch out for the ledges on your way to climbing the cliff. Head down the path.Kenneth Young Set
Adler’s Letter #01Charity PointClimb up the ledges to a path that is broken in the middle. Drop down.Kenneth Young Set
Adler’s Letter #01Garland GhostHead to the church, walk through the graveyard and move towards the top of the steps.Ingrid White Set
Adler’s Letter #01Barenson CreekFirst, you need to collect all the other letters to get this one. Then, head to Jacob’s house and head down the path from there. It will lead to the shed house.Secret Letter

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