LuluLuvely Reveals How EA Allegedly Benefits from the Apex Legends Creators Without Providing Anything in Return

In a recent stream, LuluLuvely discussed how EA uses the Apex Legends’ creators for their benefit without providing anything in return.

Apex Legends is a free-to-play Battle Royale game that was released in 2019. Players don’t need to purchase the game to play. However, they can buy cosmetic items from the in-game store with real money to customize their game sessions.

EA releases tons of cosmetic items through the Apex store. These skins and cosmetic items are released in the store through Battle Passes, Special Events, and Special or Featured Offers. As usual, these skins usually cost players a lot of money.

Occasionally, EA also collaborates with other content creators and organizations to let fans support their specific creators. However, recent information shared by LuluLuvely explained how EA gains from the creators without returning any benefit to them.

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How EA Allegedly Gains From Creators

In a recent stream from LuluLuvely, one of her followers brought up the topic of Lulu’s R-301 skin that was released in 3rd year’s Anniversary Event. LuluLuvely replied, “I wish it was actually called the Lulu R-301 skin. I wasn’t included in the naming process.”

Her fans were curious and asked her more about why EA would want to portray them as creators’ skins and then not involve the creators when it comes to benefiting them. LuluLuvely then said, “Yeah, we didn’t get any compensation or anything for the skins.

LuluLuvely further added, just before the skins were about to release, “EA was like. Yeah, your name is actually not gonna be attached to the skin at all, nor will you get any money from the skin or recognition.”

According to Lulu. No justifiable response came from EA when she brought it up to them. This is also one of the biggest reasons why LuluLuvely stopped playing Apex Legends.

A similar controversy surfaced in the community a few days back. EA was planning to release some team-specific Legend and Weapon skins for ALGS Year 3. However, many team representatives said EA wasn’t paying anything for those skins to the teams in return.

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