Ludwig’s Subathon 2.0 Raises more than $200k in Donation

Popular YouTube streamer Ludwig’s Subathon 2.0’s has raised more than $200k, breaking the initial $100k goal.

Ludwig recently started his Subathon 2.0 by trapping himself in a 12ft by 12ft glass box. He started this subathon at the Dreamhacks Atlanta 2022. The giant glass box is equipped with furniture, a streaming setup, and everything else that Ludwig might need.

In his first Subathon, the timer would increase every time someone donated, but this time Ludwig set a goal of 50 hours. After 50 hours, the Subathon would end. He also set a Charity donation goal of $100k. Viewers could donate to Ludwig’s stream and make him do questionable things.

When certain donation goals are met, viewers get the power to dress Ludwig, choose his haircut, and more. With these goals to look forward to, the initial donation goal was broken even before the halfway mark, and the donations are still coming in.

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Ludwig Subathon 2.0 Raises $200k:

Initially, the donation goal of Ludwig’s Subathon 2.0 was $100k. It didn’t take long for this goal to be met. People started donating, and with the help of Peterpark and Hasanabi, the goal was broken in less than 24 hours.

At the time of writing this article, Ludwig is sleeping, and the donation amount has crossed $200k, which is double the initial goal. The donations will go towards charity foundations like Alveus Sanctuary and No Kid Hungry.

Less than 2 hours after the Subathon 2.0 started, viewers decided to dress up Ludwig in a clown wig and makeup. Ludwig posted a picture on Twitter shortly after it.

We also saw Ludwig dress up in a yellow and red getup with the words “EVERY FAMILY HAS ONE” WRITTEN”.

Now there are talks of viewers choosing the famous Brazilian footballer Maradona’s iconic haircut from the 2008 Football World Cup. Only time will tell if Ludwig will go through with the viewer’s wishes and get this haircut.

Brazilian Footballer Ronaldo
Brazilian Footballer Ronaldo’s Iconic Haircut

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